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2015 RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: West Coast Saloon vs Pyramid Pizza

(8) West Coast Saloon vs (9) Pyramid Pizza

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

(8) West Coast Saloon

I might be biased since The Coast was our softball sponsor for years, but they have some of the best bar food in Lawrence.  Wings, burgers, pizza, steak fries with always roped me in.  I couldn't possibly count how many times I'd go in there not intending to eat, and then one beer later I'm ordering half the menu.


(9) Pyramid Pizza

I think Pyramid is a bit underrated, at least among people I talk to.  I'd put it up in the tier with Wheat State and Minsky's and Rudy's, but not many people in my circle share that opinion.  Which probably means I need a new pizza-eating circle.  It's hard to go wrong with an order of Bonez, though, which are basically breadsticks with cheese baked inside.  Yeah, you read that correctly - cheese inside the breadstick.  Try some next time you're there; thank me later.