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2015 RCT Lawrence Restaurant Bracket: 23rd Street Brewery vs El Matador

(1) 23rd Street Brewery vs (16) El Matador

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

(1) 23rd Street Brewery

23rd Street has the Bill Self (buffalo chicken on top of mac n cheese), which might be my single favorite menu item in Lawrence.  The only problem is that I order it basically every time I'm there, which prevents me from properly enjoying some of the other fantastic foods they offer.   Also I believe that pre- and post-game radio programs for both football and basketball originate from 23rd Street Brewery.


(16) El Matador

El Matador struck a blow for North Lawrence in the First Four.  As fun and delicious as our 15-Item Minimum Rule was during their lunch buffet... well let's just say that I'd be surprised if they pulled off the upset - a Miracle on 23rd Street, if you will.  What does El Matador need to do get spring the upset, you ask?  My job isn't to analyze, it's to preview; we'll save the analysis for Sir Charles.