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Victory of the Week

In the return of the segment, come share your best accomplishment(s) from the prior week.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the summer months upon us, it's time to revive things that we never seemed to have time for during the seasons.  Today, the victory of the week makes a comeback (and hopefully sticks around for a long time).

For those that aren't familiar, each week this space will be a place for you to brag about all the wonderful things you've done this week, and then you'll also get to help decide which KU moment is the biggest deal.

Since its been awhile since we've had one of these, I'm going to pull from a little bit more than just a week to find the KU victory. We're also going to open it up to you guys to help rather than having me pick one.

First I'm going to share a few of my personal victories, then we'll get into the nominees for this week's Kansas victory.

May was packed full of great accomplishments from my family, so it's hard to pick just one.  But since this is a sports site, I'll stick with a sports accomplishment this week. My middle and youngest sons had baseball tournaments. The older of the two finished in 4th, being knocked out in the 3rd game of a triple-header.  My youngest caught 8 games in 5 days and lost on a controversial call in the championship.  Really proud of those kids.

Now for Kansas victory, we have a few options.  First, we have the softball team making the NCAA tournament and getting to the finals of their region. The second option is all the track athletes that qualified for the NCAA meet over the weekend. And the final option is Bill Self picking up the commitment of Dwight Coleby, the transfer from Ole Miss.

Please take a moment to vote in the poll, and share some of your victories from the last month or so.