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Dwight Coleby Transfers From Mississippi to Kansas

Ole Miss transfer chooses the Jayhawks; the 6'9" big man will have to sit out 2015-16 season.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Jayhawks have secured a commitment from big man transfer Dwight Coleby, who played his first two seasons for Mississippi in the SEC.

Coleby's per game numbers weren't great for Mississippi last year, as he averaged just 16.5 minutes per game and scored 5.4 points per game, but Coleby's percentage stats were much better. He shot 53.2 percent from two last year, was one of the best rebounders in the SEC on a rate basis (13.1 percent offensive rebounding rate, 19.3 percent defensive rebounding rate) and he was a decent shotblocker.

Coleby will have to sit out next season, but with Perry Ellis, Jamari Traylor, Landen Lucas, and likely Chieck Diallo leaving the team after this upcoming season (edit: whoops, Lucas will just be a junior next year. My mistake), Coleby will provide depth in the frontcourt for the Jayhawks.

Coleby shot 68 percent at the rim via hoop-math, which is lower than only Cliff Alexander and Hunter Mickelson off last year's team, and his 80 percent free-throw shooting means he likely has the ability to expand his offensive game even more.

Coleby is a native of the Bahamas, meaning he won't be able to play in the World University Games this summer, but he should be a good bench big for the next couple years.