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The RCT T-Shirt Challenge

Show off RCT to all the world!

What wild location can you get a picture of yourself wearing your RCT t-shirt?  In the Oval Office?  On the Golden Gate Bridge?  Maybe on the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository?  At the 50-yard line of Boise State?  At the 50-yard line of KANSAS State???

How about Red Square?  Or the Great Wall of China?  Maybe the Taj Mahal?

Or what about while standing next to Bill Self?

Wherever you go on your next vacation, send us a snapshot.  You can email it to and I'll post it for you, or you can do it yourself in a FanPost or FanShot.

Incentives?  Well of course!  Honestly, I'm not sure what it will be, but it will be good.  Depending on where you live, we'll get you a pair of tickets or a KU event, or a jersey, or maybe just some straight cash money homie.  We'll figure that out later as the contest is coming to a close.

Speaking of which, the contest will run for the next year, so you have plenty of time.  It will officially end at midnight of Memorial Day 2016.

Now, go into all the world and show off RCT to all creation!

Anyone have any goals of what they think they might be able to accomplish?