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Kansas Football 2015 NFL Draft Recap and UDFA Signings

Heeney, Shepherd, McDonald all got phone calls during the draft. Where are the undrafted Jayhawks headed?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Ben Heeney to the Raiders in the 5th Round.

JaCorey Shepherd to the Eagles in the 6th Round.

Dexter McDonald to the Raiders in the 7th Round.

Kansas had more players drafted in the 2015 NFL Draft than Baylor (2), TCU (2), and Kansas State (2).  All three Jayhawk draftees are good bets to make the 53-man rosters of the teams that drafted them as well.

Now the real frenzy begins: Undrafted free agent signings.  RCT will, of course, keep you updated on former Jayhawks as they get camp invites and/or sign contracts.  As of 4 PM CDT on May 3, 2015, here's what we know about undrafted Jayhawks.

Nigel King - signed contract with the Miami Dolphins

Michael Reynolds - joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Nick Harwell - signed with the Dallas Cowboys

Tony Pierson - signed with the Chicago Bears

Cassius Sendish - signed with the Cleveland Browns

Trevor Pardula - offered a camp invite with the Kansas City Chiefs

Jimmay Mundine - offered a camp invite with the Cleveland Browns

Victor Simmons - offered a camp invite with the Seattle Seahawks

Keon Stowers is also expected to get a free-agent contract at some point, or at the very least a camp invite.