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Who has the worst fight song in the Big 12?

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What's the worst fight song in the Big 12?  You can define "worst" however you'd like: most annoying, worst melody, stupid drumbeat, whatever.

The contenders, in alphabetical order, are:


"Old Fight!"

The current Baylor fight song was introduced in 1947, and since then has apparently gone through several different lyrical changes.

Iowa State

"ISU Fights"

There's absolutely no explanation from Iowa State itself on its fight song, and the Wikipedia page is severely lacking.  That's some weak sauce there, ISU.  I guess we'll have to judge this one simply on the quality of the music?


"I'm a Jayhawk"

I am assured this will receive zero votes for worst fight song, right?  It better.  Ours is undoubtedly the coolest.  KU student George Bowles wrote the lyrics and melody back in 1912.  Due to some traitors in our midst in the recent past, the lyrics have gone through a couple of revisions.  Plus we have the awesome clapping... wait...

Kansas State

"Wildcat Victory"

A tune that will rarely be played next basketball season, according to Wikipedia it was written in 1927.  K-State Athletics, for their part, doesn't seem to care much for the history of their fight song.  They are pretty proud of the equally more annoying Wabash Cannonball, however.  Yes, we know your music department burned down.  It was 46 years ago.  Get over it.  Just.... Ugh all the way around.

Wow... so I'm not sure how I got all the way through the K-State piece of this without mentioning the Power Towel or Eko Cat - oh wait, I just did.  Just remember we're only talking about fight songs here, not horrible marketing ideas that look like they're from the '80s but really aren't.


"Boomer Sooner"


In 1905, Arthur M. Alden, a student in history and physiology whose father was a Norman jeweler, wrote the lyrics to the fight song, borrowing the tune from Yale University's Boola Boola but improvising the words.

A year later, an addition was made to it from North Carolina's I'm a Tarheel Born and the two combined to form the university's fight song today.

So, let me get this straight.  Not only are "Sooners" people who basically cheated and stole land in the days before the Oklahoma Land Run of 1889 (and they're proud of this, apparently), they also stole the music for their fight song.  Also, their song is literally the same phrase(s) repeated over and over.  Plus, I think it's pretty much the only song their band knows how to play.  I think I know who I'm voting for.  (But I guess I should say something like, "Don't let me sway you."  But seriously, come on.)

Oklahoma State

"Ride 'em Cowboy"

(I think.)  Once again, not too sure as OSU Athletics seemed to mostly want to talk about "The Waving Song" (clever name there) and list off the names of students who have played the part of Pistol Pete.  But whatevs, OSU.  Here's the lyrics if you're interested (to the fight song, not "The Waving Song").


"TCU March"

Composed in 1926 by the band director, Claude Sammis.  What is up with me having to get this kind of information off of Wikipedia?  Come on, Big 12 athletic departments.  Shameful, TCU.


"Texas Fight"

"Texas Fight" was apparently written and adopted sometime between 1917 and 1937 - I couldn't really tell. Could you make it more ambiguous, UT?  Wikipedia was no help either.

I'm guessing this will be a strong contender to Boomer Sooner for a couple of reasons.  One, most people I know hate Texas.  Two, the UT band is equally as bad as the OU band in terms of how often they play their fight song.  It's seriously insufferable, you guys.  Please stop.  Learn a different song sometime.

Although in their defense, apparently UT has a tradition of playing Wabash Cannonball between the third and fourth quarter of football games, and I guess there's a band rivalry of some sort that has developed with K-State since Texas came into the Big 12?  Not sure sure bands settle a rivalry but,  have at it, you guys.  Anyway, it was allegedly Darrell K. Royal's favorite tune.

Texas Tech

"Fight, Raiders, Fight"

So we know the song was written by Carroll McMath, but we don't know when?  Seems... lazy.  Come on, TTU.  I wanted to learn stuff while I composed this article.

West Virginia

"Hail West Virginia"

Looks to me like it was written and composed in 1915-16.  That would make it the second oldest song on this list.


What do you all think?  Vote in our poll, and let us know the reason why you voted the way you did in the comments.