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Mario Chalmers wins best player of the Bill Self era!

Rock Chalk Talk has crowned Chalmers the best player of the Bill Self era

In the only worthwhile Kansas basketball players bracket you'll find online, the commenters here at Rock Chalk Talk have crowned a champion after weeks of voting and debate. Here's a look at the final bracket.

final bracket

Chalmers took out Brandon Rush in the final with an impressive 75% to Rush's 25%. Rush, who many felt was the most underseeded player as a 3, had an incredibly tough run to get to the final, knocking off fan favorites Markieff Morris, Sherron Collins and Thomas Robinson along the way. Chalmers cruised to the Sweet 16, where had tough back-to-back matchups with dominant centers in Cole Aldrich and Jeff Withey.

It's no surprise that the player behind the shot won it all, but it's important to remember everything else that Mario Chalmers brought to the table. In his three years at Kansas, he had the three highest steal rates of any KU player in the last 12 years. He was second on the team in both scoring and assists in all three years as well. He also developed into a top-flight three point shooter, hitting 47% from behind the arc in 2008. Despite being listed at 6'1, Chalmers had the athleticism to dunk with ease, and the length and quickness to be an absolute terror in the passing lanes on the perimeter. He also collected his fair share of accolades, named the tournament's Most Outstanding Player in 2008.