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Voting for the best Kansas player: Down to the Final Four

We're down to the Final Four in our quest to crown the best Kansas player of the Bill Self era

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

We've made it through three controversial rounds in our bracket to crown the top player of the Bill Self era at Kansas. Today and tomorrow we'll vote to narrow it to two, and Wednesday will be the championship vote. Here's a breakdown of the last round's results:

Mario Chalmers (56%) over Cole Aldrich (44%)

Jeff Withey (59%) over Andrew Wiggins (41%)

Thomas Robinson (76%) over Tyshawn Taylor (24%)

Brandon Rush (62%) over Sherron Collins (38%)

So for the Final Four, our bracket looks like this:

I've recapped all the players a few times and obviously we know who all these guys are, so here's a brief overview of today's matchups.

(1) Mario Chalmers vs (3) Jeff Withey

It's the shot vs the shot blocker. Each played a major role on a team that made it to a championship game. Mario's shooting, passing and perimeter defense were fantastic, while Withey's shotblocking ability may have been the single best asset a player has had at Kansas over the last ten years. Who will come out on top?

(1) Thomas Robinson vs (3) Brandon Rush

T-Rob gave Kansas one of the most impressive single season's we've seen from a Jayhawk during this time his junior year, while Rush provided consistently great all-around play from day one. Again, each was a huge factor in a National Championship game run. Who gets the nod, the big man or the wing?

As always, put your votes in the comments. You have until 11:59 PM Tuesday night (Jayhawk time) to submit your votes. I'll post the championship matchup Wednesday morning, and the champion will be crowned Friday. Thanks as always for all your participation!

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