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Spring Game: The View From the Bleachers

The following are the notes that I took during the game. Think of it as live-tweeting, though some comments are longer than 140 characters.

Pulled up shortly after noon.  It's a bit rainier than radar indicated.  Surprisingly, parking lots seem pretty packed - I couldn't get into any of the lots on the east or west side of the stadium.  There were a few spots left in Lot 91 though.

Hopefully any heavy rains will hold off.

I need to work on my beard recognition.  I walked past Ben Heeney on my way into the stadium and all I could do was give him a head nod.  He responded with, "Hey."

Play of the day is probably going to go to Bryan Sperry of the blue alumni team regardless of what happens later.  Sperry played for KU from 1946-48.

I took some pics of the alumni flag football game.  How many former Jayhawks can you pick out?  I'll give you Scott Webb, Johnny Beck, Daymond Patterson, Lubbock Smith, Mark Williams, Chip Buddy, and of course, Bryan Sperry.

First Quarter

Sun just broke out.  Might turn out to be a nice day after all.

Michael Cummings took the first reps with the blue team.  Completed several passes, but wasn't as accurate as you would like - underthrowing guys, throwing behind guys, etc.

KU defense opened up in a 4-2-5 setup.

TJ Millweard is the first QB out for the white team.  Had a nice pump fake to get away from pressure and scrambled for 20 yards on the play.  Immediately followed that with a poorly thrown ball that was almost intercepted and a sack.

Tre Parmalee first one to field a punt in the game.

Montell Cozart takes the field for the blue team's second possession.

WR #4 Tyler Patrick catching a lot of passes early.

QB #8 Keiton Perry at QB for white on their second possession.

Second Quarter

Cummings back out for the blue team.

Cummings underthew a deep ball that would have been a TD - Tyler Patrick got a step on his man.

Next play, Cummings scrambled away from pressure.  Once in the secondary, took a hard shot in traffic directly on his left knee.  Stayed down for several minutes before being helped off the field.  Not sure who actually hit Cummings.

Cozart back out for the blue team.

Tyler Patrick seeing a lot of targets today.

Cummings getting a lot of attention on the sideline.  Training staff appears to be wrapping up his knee in ice.

Cozart with a nice 16-yard scramble up the field.

S Bazie Bates is flying around on defense today.  Shades of Ben Heeney...?

Cummings taken into locker room several minutes before half.  Didn't catch if he was escorted went under his own power.


10 minute halftime period.  Both teams stay out on the field.  Coaching staffs doing some instruction during the break.

Took a few shots of the stadium. says 6,227 in attendance.  How many do you count?

Third Quarter

Kickoffs to open each half were live, full contact plays.  All punts and field goals were/are not.

Millweard underthrowing a receiver who broke open deep.  Seems to be a theme on the day.

Cummings not on the sidelines for the second half.

Tyler Patrick still seeing targets.

Cozart with an INT.  Ball was thrown slightly behind the intended receiver, who got both hands on it but the ball popped up in the air and one of the defenders in the area came down with it.

On the very next play for white, TJ Millweard tosses a TD pass.  It was textbook, on a slant play over the middle, low and in front of the receiver.  The defender had no chance.

Next drive for blue, Montell Cozart connects for a touchdown.  From about the 30 yard line, deep fade, underthrown again, but the receiver made a good play on the ball with the defender all over him.

Fourth Quarter

Keiton Perry joins the underthrow parade with a ball that should have been picked.

TE #84 Ben Johnson being split out as the far receiver near the sideline for several plays in a row.

RB #40 Preston Randall was wide open in the flat, nobody within 20 yards of him.  Cozart saw it, but throws behind him.  Unfortunately, Randall turned late and had no idea the football was headed his way, and was unable to make the catch.

Cozart TD to Kent Taylor - very exciting play.  Beautiful lob pass down the sideline, over the defender, hitting the receiver in stride.  Coverage was 1-on-1, no safety help over the top.  Taylor pulled away from the defender, #49 Jaylen McDonald, on the race down the field.

Final Thoughts

Well, that was a pretty standard spring game format.

Hopefully Cummings is OK.

Offenses were pretty bland, but you definitely got an idea of the tempo that KU wants to play at.  QBs were off-target all day.

Common theme was underthrown passes.  I don't think I saw a single overthrown ball all afternoon.

Not sure if I want one of the incoming freshmen (Ryan Willis, Carter Stanley) to challenge for the starting QB spot or not...

Bazie Bates stood out to me on defense.  Didn't see Love or Watson out there though.  I really think those two will shine in a 4-2-5 scheme.

Kinda getting stoked for fall.

Stupid kool-aid.