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Rock Chalk Talk Weekend News and Notes

a look around the web and you weekend discussion thread

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


KU to play it ‘very basic’ at spring game |
“You probably ought to calm them down,” Likens joked. “We’re not gonna go out there doing any double reverses or anything we don’t want our opponents to see. But obviously you have your basic sets that you’re gonna do, and they will see (our tempo) a little bit.”

Prep Ingram to pick Monday |
Ingram, who actually measured 6-91⁄2 in shoes and weighed in at 195 pounds at the Nike Hoops Summit, has a 9-11⁄2 reach and 7-3 wingspan. He recently was accorded a No. 4 national ranking by, a big jump from his No. 19 rating most of the year. He had 28 points and 10 rebounds to lead Kinston to a 60-43 state-title win over East Lincoln.

Levy highlights Kansas track |
Kansas University junior Daina Levy claimed the top collegiate finish in a field of some of the top hammer throwers in the nation Friday at the Triton Invitational. She added a season-best mark in the discus and was joined by two other Jayhawks in top-25 finishes at the event in La Jolla, California.

Despite meeting overseas requirement for Super Bowl hosts, Kansas City not yet on Super Bowl radar | The Kansas City Star The Kansas City Star
“That is...being seriously contemplated,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told The Star on Friday after he was asked whether KC was in line for a Super Bowl. Goodell was speaking during a meeting of the Associated Press Sports Editors in New York.

Chicago White Sox starter Chris Sale, ejected for role in brawl, approached Kansas City Royals clubhouse after game
White Sox manager Robin Ventura confirmed that pitcher Chris Sale, who started Thursday night and was one of five players ejected, approached the Royals clubhouse after the fight. Sale was believed to have banged on the visitors clubhouse door in the eighth, one inning after the brawl.


Olympic Champion Bruce Jenner: "I Am A Woman"
Olympic decathlete and 1976 gold medalist Bruce Jenner came out as transgender tonight in an ABC interview with Diane Sawyer, explaining that Jenner “lived a lie his whole life about who he is,” and that at the age of 65 is ready to publicly acknowledge the former Wheaties box star has, for a whole life, identified as female.

Pepsi is ditching aspartame — based on no evidence whatsoever - Vox
Yet this trend appears to be driven by a widespread — and largely unfounded — fear that the public has about aspartame. This move might be good for Pepsi's business. But it probably won't help dispel any of the myths about artificial sweeteners that have persisted for decades.

The real side effect of a gluten-free diet: scientific illiteracy - Vox
And yet, scientists can't find any good evidence to support this fad. Gluten is a protein composite that gives shape to grains like wheat, rye, and barley. And it's true that a very small fraction of people have celiac disease, a real medical condition that causes their bodies to violently reject gluten. But that's only a small fraction of people, and it's not enough to explain the craze. The rest of us are going gluten-free without any real scientific basis for doing so.

The Three Types Of Adam Sandler Movies | FiveThirtyEight
This may come as a shock to some of you, but Adam Sandler does not make very good movies. Sandler is taking heat this week after several Native American actors walked off the set of “The Ridiculous Six” because of racist and misogynistic jokes in the film.

Living forever: why the world still seems obsessed by Oasis | Music | The Guardian
Last week, the Daily Mirror ran a story on a supposed (read: 100% not happening) Oasis reunion. It arrived almost exactly one year on from a Daily Star front page that claimed the “chart-topping Manchester band” were “set to headline Glastonbury in a £500m comeback deal”. Coincidence? Maybe. Although perhaps it isn’t coincidence. Maybe the tabloids take turns. Maybe the Sun is readying its own Gallagher-brothers-reunite exclusive for this time next year.

Discussion Questions

1. The Bruce Jenner interview last night was pretty compelling television. Outside of tragedies, what is the most compelling thing you have watched on TV?

2. The Royals got in a rumble this week. Have you ever been in a fight? What was the outcome?

3. Would you rather sneeze every time you say your name or be gluten free?