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Rock Chalk Talk News and Notes: Weekend Edition

A Master's weekend look around the web

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Going to try a slightly different format now that the season is over.

Kansas Sports

University of Kansas Athletics - No. 22 Kansas Edged by Red Raiders, 8-7
Although No. 22 Kansas had built a lead in the first three and half innings, Texas Tech slowly chipped away at the Jayhawks' advantage and a Red Raider rally in the sixth inning clinched the win, 8-7, on Friday night at Rocky Johnson Field.

Bowen helped KU build foundation |
Last fall, when Clint Bowen took over as the Kansas University football program’s interim head coach four weeks into the season, the purpose of putting him in charge went far beyond giving him a chance to prove himself or giving the 2-2 Jayhawks a shot in the arm.

Oklahoma State rallies past Jayhawks, 7-2 |
For the first six innings of Friday night’s 7-2 loss to No. 9 Oklahoma State at Hoglund Ballpark, Kansas University starter Ben Krauth pitched like he was honoring the name of the school he transferred to KU from — Diablo Valley.

Professional Sports

Jordan Spieth's Masters fortunes rooted by family
Chris Spieth was chasing after the motorized scooter carrying her father when she suddenly stopped below the Augusta National clubhouse to explain why her son is more grounded than his score at the Masters. Jordan Spieth, it turns out, is the record-breaking product of a selfless upbringing in a home that celebrates givers, not takers.

Tiger Woods makes cut with 3-under in second round at Masters
Woods made it to the weekend with ease, and while he is 12 shots behind runaway leader Jordan Spieth, Woods' 3-under 69 on Friday during the second round at Augusta National was a positive step after he returned to the game following a two-month break.

Transition to pros has been family affair for Minnesota Timberwolves' Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine | FOX Sports
Marita Payne-Wiggins sprinted her way to a pair of Olympic silver medals during a time when doping East German women reigned supreme. Has a park named after her in Vaughan, Ontario. Left her folks behind in that Toronto-area suburb to chase championships at Florida State. Met her husband, Mitchell Wiggins, in the Seminoles athletic department's training facility. Today, though, she's just mom. Which is why she, her former NBA-playing husband and family relocated from Vaughan to Minneapolis when the Timberwolves traded for her youngest son Andrew in August.

Embiid Progressing, Decision On Summer League Coming | Philadelphia 76ers
Just three games stand between the Sixers and what figures to be as eventful an offseason as any in recent memory. The team will enter the 2015 NBA Draft with anywhere between six and nine picks, they will again enter free agency with as much flexibility as any team in the league, and Joel Embiid will draw ever closer to his inevitable debut.

11 Things Longer Than Last Night's Sox-Yanks Game But That Felt Shorter
Last night’s offensively-, technologically-, and spermatozoaically-deficient 19-inning Red Sox-Yankees game officially clocked in at 6:49, but in reality the broadcast with festivities, anthems, et cetera lasted around seven hours. For viewers, though, the slogging despair of watching the longest Red Sox game in history (and second-longest for the Yankees) was akin to watching paint dry in slow motion.


The Photographer Who Took This Picture Barely Escaped With His Life
Pakistani nature photographer Atif Saeed managed to capture this stunning shot of a lion — just before it leapt at him. (Ed Note, the picture is worth the click)

I Tried Tidal and It Sucked
Two weeks ago, a happy-go-lucky troupe of ragtag recording artists (collective net worth: over $2,000,000,000) stood shoulder to shoulder on a stage and asked for your money. In return they would give you "TIDAL," a streaming music website and app that costs too much. I gave it a try. You should not. (Ed Note, Anyone tried this?)

The Obamas paid $93,362 in federal income taxes - Apr. 10, 2015
After accounting for $17,400 in tax-deferred retirement savings and a $1,181 deduction for the self-employment payroll taxes they paid, their adjusted gross income came to $477,383, just a little less than they earned the year before. (Ed Note, 4 more days to file or be extended. Don't be one of those people rushing at the last moment)

Rand Paul wants to make college tuition tax-deductible - Vox
The idea got a prominent airing in the fourth season of the West Wing. As Democratic President Jed Bartlet's re-election campaign begins, his communications director, Toby Ziegler, gets stuck in Indiana, where he has a conversation at a hotel bar with a man whose family makes $80,000 per year (that's about $104,000 in 2015 dollars) and is struggling to figure out how to afford Notre Dame.

Granola has more sugar than Lucky Charms — and other "health food" surprises - Vox
You choose an energy bar over a chocolate bar. You opt for granola in the morning instead of, say, Lucky Charms. Surely those are the healthier, more virtuous options, right? Except when they're not.

Discussion Questions

  1. Would you rather spend a week 500 years in the future or 500 years in the past?
  2. What are you up to this weekend?
  3. What has been the best new album so far in 2015?
  4. Have you of you watched The Americans? I watched the first episode last night and was really impressed with it. If not, what shows are you currently into?