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Q&A With Land Grant Gauntlet

I recently answered some questions for a new Big 12 football focused site, Land Grant Gauntlet

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

For those of your not aware, Chris from Cowboys Ride For Free and a couple of other good guys have formed a Big 12 football-centric website, Land Grant Gauntlet. They recently reached out to us to answer some of their questions about Kansas football heading in the spring season. I'd encourage you to pay their site a visit, both for this Q&A and to stay up on all things related to Big 12 football. The site just started recently, but they've already accumulated quite a bit of content, especially considering that it's only April. We'll be doing another Q&A at the conclusion of spring football, but in this post I tackle topics such as expectations for the upcoming season, position battles, the quarterback competition, and Isaiah Johnson's sudden departure.

You can read the entire Q&A by clicking below, and be sure to check back in on their site as football season approaches!

Land Grant Gauntlet - Q&A