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A Look At Wrong Things Said About Kansas Basketball

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

As we know now, Kansas clinched its 11th straight conference title with its win over West Virginia earlier this week.

While it seems obvious every March that Kansas should be the choice to win the Big 12, it doesn't always work out that way. Whether people really think Kansas won't win the league, or whether it's people just wanting to be different or make a bold call.

Regardless, it's always fun to troll a bit, so let's look at some Big 12 predictions from yesteryear:

Starting off with a solid prediction from a K State fan.

That's why Fox Sports 1 has to broadcast the Big East.

OK OK it's not fair to pick on someone like Goodman. Aaron Craft!

More like really real crappy. Not enough green juice I guess.

Weird that a Hawkeyes fan would like Iowa State but whatevs bros.


It's early March and hmmmm looks like 11 is in the bag. 10 is a nice run too though.



Seriously no though.

Immediate threat to not win it.

I know they have enough pieces to blow a giant lead against Iowa State that would have given them a chance to.

One true champion, a billion wrong predictions.

They do not.

Here's what happened to that table.

Challenge not met.

"blind homer"

I just wanted to make fun the guy who said he'd take Aaron Craft over Andrew Wiggins last year again.

To finish we go live to the rest of the Big 12: