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KU Predictions: vs West Virginia

Our writing team gets together to predict the outcome of tonight's game.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

So this one is for all the marbles (in that we want to keep them all instead of sharing them).  Can Kansas come out and get the victory to make Saturday as stress-free as possible.

penhawk: After the way Kansas lost to West Virginia two weeks ago, I think the revenge factor (plus senior night) should be enough to make up for any let down in energy there might be after last night’s game clinched a share of the title. Staten or no Staten, West Virginia does not have the talent to match up with Kansas, and I don’t see how they beat us in Allen. As we saw in the first meeting, West Virginia does some things well (particularly offensive rebounding) that make them a bit of a tough matchup, but at the end of the night, I think an outright title will be locked up. Kansas 72, West Virginia 64

KU Grad 08: West Virginia has not been good on the road this year, and Kansas hasn’t lost at home. The Jayhawks really should have won in Morgantown. KU can clinch the Big 12 title outright it is the final home game of the season, WVU just got creamed by Baylor and has to turn around and travel to Lawrence after their long trip to Waco. Kansas is due to hit some threes. All signs point to a solid Jayhawk victory. I’d pick past Kansas teams to win this game by 20 given the circumstances. This team is not one of those past teams, but everything points to Kansas taking care of business. Kansas 72, West Virginia 60.

Jim Hammen: Although this year’s team is far from the best we’ve seen as far as putting their foot on their opponent’s throat and sending a message, they are 1) not going to get swept; 2) not going to lose at home; and 3) not going to miss a chance to win the conference outright now, rather than having to deal with Oklahoma in Norman.  My only question is: How many points does Christian Garrett score?  Actually, it’s an easy answer.  Probably zero. Kansas 75, West Virginia 61.

fizzle406: There is so much on the line here and WVU is hurt. It will be a fun game and I predict a lot of dunks. Christian Garrett will get a couple of good looks and blow the shot. Kansas 74, WVU 64

cstonehoops: The final score line will depend on whether or not West Virginia’s Juwan Staten and Gary Browne play tonight. Staten, the Mountaineers’ leading scorer, is listed as doubtful for the game with a knee injury. While the margin may change, I think the result stays the same with the Jayhawks winning comfortably to snag the Big 12 title outright. Kansas 80, West Virginia 66.

dnoll5: With an outright Big XII title on the line, I imagine KU will come out blazing tonight and should beat WVU pretty handily. West Virginia did exactly what we knew they were going to do last time as far as the press goes, shot hot from three (unexpected), and still needed the KU defense to part as if they were the Red Sea under Moses’s direction plus  have a KU miss at the other end for the Mountaineers to pull out the miraculous win.  Those things will not happen tonight. Kansas 77, West Virginia 57.

jbrooks: Rock Chalk all night. Juwan or not. Browne or not. Should be a relatively comfortable lead most of the game. I see a steady 7-12 point advantage. Eleven outright sounds great. Kansas 79, WVU 70.

mikeville: Ok, no more grand, snarky-yet-entertaining predictions from me.  I don’t really feel like the outcome of this game is in doubt.  But then again, maybe HuggieBear needs another $50k or whatever he gets for beating KU.  I don’t think he gets it, and the Jayhawks win a more-comfortable-than-it-looks game. Kansas 78, West Virginia 68.

jvaughn11:This team has felt the pressure of not  wanting to be the one that ends the streak and that pressure has been lifted. KU will have fun tonight and play with a lot of energy. WVU’s offense gets stymied and our energy results in a fast paced game that exposes any pressure defense we face. Wouldnt it be fun to see a senior night like the one in 2008? I don't foresee that at all but I do think this one is a route. KU 82, West Virginia 64.