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RCT T-Shirts: Official Submissions

Take a look and see what our designers came up with.

Ok, so several moons ago I got this whole T-shirt thing started.  I'm sure many have become disenfranchised with my leadership ability due to failure to adhere to the stated timeline on these, and if so, I implore you to come back.  If we just weren't so darned good at basketball maybe I wouldn't have gotten so distracted.

Anyway, we received six submissions for your viewing pleasure.  They are below, but first, the voting protocol:

There is a poll at the bottom of the article.  Please vote for your favorite.  The top two vote-getters will become the first available RCT T-shirts.  For those that aren't chosen, don't lose heart!  We'll do this occasionally and add additional T-shirts to our available inventory.  Also, remember football season is coming up, so be thinking of something for that.  Email me anytime with suggestions.

1. "But, Panama"

Blue shirt, white outline of Panama, Rock Chalk Talk on front, website URL on back

But, Panama Small

But, Panama

2. "Chop"

Currently a rough draft, think something similar to OSU's "The Return" tee, "Chop, April 7, 2008" on the top of the diagram, "2.1 seconds" below the diagram (or maybe put the shot clock on there somewhere), URL on back



3. "Circus Font"

Circus Font Small

Circus Font

4. "Original Logo"

RCT Original Logo

RCT Original Logo

5. "Rock It, Chalk It, Talk It"

URL on back

Rock It, Chalk It, Talk It

Rock It, Chalk It, Talk It

6. "Windows"

Windows 1.0

Windows 1.0

Again, please vote on your favorite.  Once selected, I'll begin working with GamedayDepot to get the final versions selected and available.  Voting closes one week from today.