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A look back at the over/unders for Kansas basketball this year

Time to revisit the over/under points I set for this year's basketball team back in December

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

On December 11, I wrote a post giving the basketball team a series of over/unders for the then-upcoming season. With the season in the books, it's time to revisit those, and see just how wrong I was about everythin

1) Over/Under 24.5 regular season wins
My answer: under
Correct answer: under (24)

I actually hit this nail right on the head. From the 12/11 post:

The Jayhawks play 31 games this year, eight of which are in the books. If they lose one of their remaining non-conference games, a 13-5 conference record puts them at 24-7 for the season. This would be their worst conference record since the Big 12 introduced the round robin format, but it's right about where I see things ending up.

24-7 and 13-5 is exactly where we ended up. *pops collar*

2) Over/Under 13.5 conference wins
My answer: under
Correct answer: under (13)

Again, boom

3) Over/Under 35% 3 point shooting as a team
My answer: under
Correct answer: over (37.9%)

This team shocked me with how well it shot. Greene's incredible run early in Big 12 play, along with Mason improving by 10% boosted this team well over my prediction

4) Over/Under 12 points per game for Cliff Alexander
My answer: under
Correct answer: under (7.1 ppg)

To be fair, I did say I thought he'd be averaging double digits, but Cliff's offensive game never rounded out quite the way we'd hoped.

5) Over/Under 8% team block percentage in Big 12 play
My answer: over
Correct answer: over (?)

KenPom has the team's block rate at 12.7, where stat sheet has it at 8.8% (statsheet is what I originally based this on). Apparently the two sites calculate this very differently, but either way they accomplished this goal

6) Over/Under 15 minutes per game in conference play for Kelly Oubre
My answer: under
Correct answer: way over (24.1)

I way underestimated Kelly Oubre, but in my defense was playing less than 9 mpg when I wrote this

7) Over/Under 10th place finish in KenPom rankings
My answer: under (better than 10th)
Correct answer: over (currently 13th)

This team didn't end up improving certain things the way I thought they would, and though they came close, they won't clear the top 10 mark at the end of the year

8) Over/Under 1.5 losses at Allen Fieldhouse
My answer: under
Correct answer: under (0)

Ok, so I wasn't exactly going out on a limb in predicting Kansas would lose 0-1 games in Allen. Still, several commenters (who I won't call out here) did take over on this

9) Over/Under 8.5 double digit conference wins
My answer: under
Correct answer: under (7)

It's already been well established that this team didn't blow out opponents the way many would have liked. Kansas had 9 double digit victories in both the last two years before this

10) Over/Under 60 points scored at Texas
My answer: over
Correct answer: over (75)

At the time, this sounded like a legitimate question. As of that writing, Kentucky was the only team to put up 60 points on the Longhorns, and even they only got 63. Texas would end up giving up 60+ points 16 times this year

My record: 7-3