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RCT Picks the 2015 Sweet 16

Our staff gets together and makes their picks on who we think will advance to the Elite 8.

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Need some help picking who will advance to the Elite 8?  We've got you covered.  Nine of us were able to get together and cast our votes on who would advance.  Here are the results.

(1) Kentucky vs (5) West Virginia

The Wildcats have an 88% chance of advancing according to KenPom, and our picks bear this out as well with 8 voters taking Kentucky and only one taking West Virginia. RCT's pick: KENTUCKY

(3) Notre Dame vs (7) Wichita State

The lower-seeded Shockers are favored in this one by Vegas and KenPom, although just barely. The Shocks are a one-point favorite in betting circles, and KenPom gives them a 52% chance of moving on. We agree by a 5-4 margin, RCT's pick: WICHITA STATE

(1) Wisconsin vs (4) North Carolina

Most pundits seem to think that Wisconsin has the toughest path to the Final Four. Regardless, the Badgers are 5.5 point favorites and KenPom gives them a 72% chance at victory against ole Roy. By a 7-2 margin, the RCT pick: WISCONSIN

(6) Xavier vs (2) Arizona

Xavier finds themselves as the second-biggest underdog this weekend, getting 11 points from the oddsmakers and only a 16% chance to knock off Arizona per KenPom. In a unanimous, 9-0, super-scientific RCT vote, the pick: ARIZONA

(8) NC State vs (4) Louisville

The Wolfpack have made a surprising Sweet 16 run, winning their first round game via buzzer-beater before stifling 1-seed Villanova. They're only 2-point 'dogs in Vegas, and KenPom only gives Louisville a 62% chance to advance. By a 6-3 margin, RCT thinks that the clock strikes midnight on Cinderella. The pick: LOUISVILLE

(3) Oklahoma vs (7) Michigan State

This is an interesting matchup in more ways than one, but especially when you start to look at predictions. KenPom gives the Sooners a 55% chance of advancing, but the Spartans are favored by 2 in Vegas. By a 5-4 vote, RCT's pick: MICHIGAN STATE

(1) Duke vs (5) Utah

The Dookies come into this one as 5 point favorites, and KenPom gives the Devils a 55% chance of victory. RCT voters like the Devils as well, though by a slightly larger margin. After a 6-3 vote RCT picks: DUKE

11 - UCLA vs (2) Gonzaga

Many around these parts (and across the country) were not thrilled to see UCLA in the field of 64. The Bruins just didn't seem to have a resume that warranted their spot. Fast-forward a week and we find them taking on Gonzaga in the Sweet 16. Neither KenPom nor Vegas seem to be impressed by UCLA's run so far. The Bruins find themselves as 8.5 point underdogs, and KenPom gives Gonzaga a 77% chance at victory. RCT was even more decisive than that, though. In another unanimous 9-0 vote, RCT's pick: GONZAGA