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Kansas has locked up a share of another title, but two games remain

Kansas' amazing streak continues, but there's still plenty to play for

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

They're already printing up t-shirts. By virtue of Iowa State's win over Oklahoma Monday night, the Kansas Jayhawks have clinched at least a share of their eleventh straight Big 12 title.

It's hard not to feel some excitement as a Kansas fan, and what the hell, go nuts. Still, while we're going nuts, we should recognize what's still on the line for this team.

Tuesday night, Kansas hosts West Virginia with a chance to lock up an outright title. It's important the team not get too caught up in what's already been accomplished, because winning this game is important. A win means Saturday's game against Oklahoma is basically meaningless. A loss means that it will determine whether KU's title is shared, and for Oklahoma, it will determine whether they get to claim a title at all. This is important because Kansas needs rest. Frank Mason, Wayne Selden and Perry Ellis have been playing a ton of minutes. Hunter Mickelson may need to play important minutes in tournament games. If an outright title is locked up going into the Oklahoma game, these weary players can rest, and guys like Greene, Graham, Lucas and Mickelson can get a chance to carry the team for the bulk of a game, building confidence for the important journey ahead.

It's a great night for Kansas fans, but we can't lose focus.Things have been up and down, but right now they're looking up at a very good time. Rock Chalk, and Happy 11th!