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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 3.17.15

Be sure to wear some green with your Jayhawk blue today.

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- Kansas Sports -

Veteran club: KU's opening-round foe boasts four seniors |

“I’d much rather go in there with the group we have than five freshmen,” Menzies said before pausing to qualify the statement. “Unless they were Kentucky freshmen.”

Bill Self: Midwest didn't get any easier overnight |

Bill Self woke up Monday morning feeling the same way about the NCAA Tournament’s Midwest Regional as he did on Selection Sunday.

NCAA won't reinstate Kansas forward Cliff Alexander before Big Dance -

Kansas freshman forward Cliff Alexander will not be eligible to play in the NCAA Tournament, coach Bill Self told ESPN.

When Ellis is healthy, KU is a beauty -- and a beast; but what if he isn't? | FOX Sports

Whether you're trying to rock the office pool or just beat President Obama's bracket, the same question usually crops back up, time and again, this week: What the @&^$ do I do with KANSAS?

NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday Winners and Losers « Mark Titus

Worst of all, Kansas might have to play Wichita State in the second round. Sure, the Jayhawks should win. But Shockers fans have desperately wanted this game for years. Kansas has always stayed away because there’s nothing to gain from it. If Kansas wins, nobody cares because it’s big, bad Kansas and beating teeny-weeny Wichita State doesn’t mean jack. But if Wichita State wins? That’s how you get headlines like this.

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Many NCAA tournament teams did not turn profit - ESPN

While schools are required to file numbers, how schools report the data varies greatly, depending on what they choose to attribute to a certain program. For example, a school might decide to attribute more or less TV revenue, sponsorship money or donations to the basketball team when it's not exactly clear how much came in from the program alone.

‘Play angry’? Easy for Shockers |

The program whose mantra of “play angry” carried them to the Final Four two years ago, and to a perfect regular-season record last year, was dealt a No. 7 seed by the NCAA Tournament selection committee on Sunday and given a tough opening matchup against Indiana. Hardly a reward for winning another regular-season Missouri Valley title, spending much of the season ranked in the top 10 and having one of the nation’s best backcourts.

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Pete Rose has requested his ban be lifted, commissioner Manfred says -

Baseball hit king Pete Rose requested to have his ban from the game lifted, new MLB commissioner Rob Manfred revealed Monday. "I do have a formal request from Pete. I will be in communications with his representatives," Manfred said at a Q&A with Dodgers writers and a couple of others here.

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LOOK: This snake sticking out of a golf hole is a horror show -

Seriously though, what if you reached down to pick your ball out of the cup and that thing was waiting on the other end?

WATCH: Vanderbilt, Arkansas team up for absurd play at plate -

That's a not-often-glimpsed 9-2-1 putout! Of note: Despite the rather circuitous setback you see above, the Commodores were to prevail by a score of 8-7 in 12 innings.

Peter from 'Family Guy' accurately represents how most feel about golf -

This clip from Sunday night's episode of Family Guy is a pretty accurate depiction of how golfers and their significant others, respectively, feel about golf. It's especially appropriate for those of us who are below average at the sport.