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A Look at the Big 12 in the 2015 NCAA Tournament

Who will Big 12 teams be dancing with this year?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Let's take a quick look at where the other Big 12 teams will be headed and what they might be able to expect with their draw.  We'll go by how they finished in conference play.

Big 12 Champion Kansas (conference tournament be damned) is the highest-seeded Big 12 team (2-seed) due to their outright regular-season title (and probably insane non-conference schedule).

Iowa State

The Hawkeyes (Lol that joke is never gonna get old) drew a 3-seed in the South Region and will play (14) UAB in the first round in the Louisville pod.  Should ISU advance, they will get the winner of (6) SMU and (11) UCLA.  ISU is on (2) Gonzaga's half of the bracket, but should Iowa pull an upset, there could be an in-state battle in the Sweet 16.


The Sooners drew a 3-seed in the East Region and face (14) Albany in Columbus, OH.  Should OU advance, they get the winner of (6) Providence and (11) Boise State/Dayton.  Oklahoma faces a Sweet 16 matchup against one of (7) Michigan State / (10) Georgia / (2) Virgina / (15) Belmont.


The Bears also got a 3-seed; they were placed in the West Region and face Georgia State in Round 1 in Jacksonville, FL.  Should the Bears advance, they get the winner of (6) UMass and (11) BYU/Ole Miss.  The 2-seed in Baylor's side of the bracket is Arizona.  VCU also sits at the (7).

West Virginia

The Mountaineers drew a 5-seed in the Midwest Regional and play (12) Buffalo in Columbus, OH.  Should WVU advance, they will get the winner of (4) Maryland and (13) Valparaiso.  WVU got the thrill of being in Kentucky's half of the bracket and face a possible Sweet 16 matchup with Big Blue.


The Longhorns find themselves with an 11-seed in the Midwest Region.  They play everyone's favorite Cinderella, (6) Butler in the first round in Pittsburgh.  Should Texas advance, they'll get the winner of (3) Notre Dame and (14) Northeastern.  Texas finds themselves on KU's half of the regional, and should both teams win out, they would meet in the Sweet 16.

Oklahoma State

The Cowboys get a 9-seed in the West Region and face Oregon in the first round in Omaha.  Should OSU advance, they'll probably face (1) Wisconsin in the second round.  If the Cowboys manage to handle Mr. Kaminsky and crew, they play one of (5) Arkansas / (12) Wofford / (4) North Carolina / (13) Harvard in the Sweet 16.

Kansas State



Nope.  Maybe NIT?  Nope.  How about the CBI?  Once again, nope.

Texas Tech