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Duke #1 in the South Region, Gonzaga, Iowa State and Georgetown round out the top 4 seeds

Duke gets a mildly difficult draw, but the surprise bid of the tournament falls into the South Regional

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

The matchups for the South Regional are set:

#1 Duke vs #16 North Florida/Robert Morris

#8 San Diego State vs #9 St. John's

#5 Utah vs #12 Stephen F Austin

#4 Georgetown vs #13 Eastern Washington

#6 Southern Methodist vs #11 UCLA

#3 Iowa State vs #14 UAB

#7 Iowa vs #10 Davidson

#2 Gonzaga vs #15 North Dakota State

Quick Reactions:

Duke is in trouble here, drawing the powerhouse Robert Morris.  Remember that they were the ones that took down Kentucky in the first round of the NIT a couple years ago.  Giant Killers they are!

In all seriousness though, Duke gets a favorable draw to the Elite Eight.  Utah may not get past Stephen F Austin, and while Georgetown is solid, I think Duke matches up extremely well with them.

Gonzaga and Iowa State in the Sweet 16 will be an awesome game, and either one can easily make a push to the Final Four.  In fact, I'm going to say right now that the winner of this game beats Duke.

UCLA is probably the least deserving of the teams that got a bid.  Their resume is severely lacking, and there is no way they should have been safely in the field.

There are some solid teams in this region, and I could see some mild upsets happening, but chalk should be the expectation here.