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Villanova gets #1 in the East Regional, Virginia and Oklahoma are 2/3

The east region gets some tough teams at the top, but the rest of the region looks pretty tame.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The East Regional of the 2015 NCAA Tournament has been released, and the Villanova Wildcats were able to grab the top seed.  Here are all the matchups:

#1 Villanova vs #16 Lafayette

#8 NC State vs #9 LSU

#5 Northern Iowa vs #12 Wyoming

#4 Louisville vs #13 UC Irvine

#6 Providence vs #11 Boise State/Dayton

#3 Oklahoma vs #14 Albany

#7 Michigan State vs #10 Georgia

#2 Virginia vs #15 Belmont

Quick reactions:

I've heard way too many people say that Northern Iowa is underseeded, but I see that first round matchup as extremely dangerous for them.  I'm not really sure why, but Wyoming just has that feel of a team that is under-appreciated.  Even if they get past Wyoming, Louisville will be waiting to end their run in the first weekend.

Virginia vs Michigan State should be a fascinating matchup.  Both teams can play a plodding style, so I can pretty much guarantee this will be the lowest overall scoring game, but at first glance, it looks like Virginia should be able to move into the second weekend.

Oklahoma pulled a fairly favorable draw, as Providence shouldn't really provide them much of a challenge, and Albany is a nice story, but shouldn't be a threat to the bigger and faster Sooners.

LSU getting a #9 was pretty surprising to me, as they faltered down the stretch, but given the seed that Texas received, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

This regional has the potential to be the easiest, as the top 4 teams are strong, but the rest of the middle seeds might be a bit overseeded.