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Kansas Projected as a 2 Seed, Midwest Region

The Midwest Region has Kentucky for the 1 Seed.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

According to Joe Lunardi, the Jayhawks are currently projected to earn a 2 Seed in the Midwest Region with Kentucky as the 1 Seed.  KU would be in a pod with (15) Coastal Carolina, (7) Butler, and (10) Purdue.  In this draw, the Jayhawks would be on the same side of the regional as (3) Notre Dame and (6) Michigan State.  (1) Kentucky would have (4) Louisville and (5) West Virginia on their half.

This means should both teams win out, KU would rematch with Kentucky in the Elite 8 with a trip to the Final Four on the line.

I'm looking at Lunardi because (like it or not) he is probably the most popular "Bracketologist" out there and is a name even most casual college basketball fans know.

The other 1 Seeds are Wisconsin (West), Duke (South), and Villanova (East).

Here are what a few other teams of note are currently projected in other regionals:


(9) Oklahoma State

(5) Wichita State

(11) Texas

(3) Oklahoma

(7) Iowa


(5) Arkansas

(4) Baylor


(4) Northern Iowa

(3) Iowa State