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KU Predictions: Big 12 Tournament vs TCU

Our writing team gets together to predict the outcome of today's quarterfinal game.

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With the tournament underway, Kansas finally knows who their opponent will be in today's matchup. While this victory isn't crucial for the Jayhawks, I'm sure Bill Self won't want his team to lay down and give up this game.  And I'm sure many of these players will be fighting for playing time during the NCAA tournament, so we should expect to see some fire.

penhawk: I don't see this playing out as anything but a close game. Perry or no Perry, I think Kansas will struggle to score inside, and the three point shooting will remain flat. Mason will put the team on his shoulders and the Jayhawks will do just enough to come out on top. Kansas 67, TCU 63

mikeville: Kansas failed to blow out TCU either time they played earlier this year, and I really don't see any reason why this would be any different. KU has the better players and the deeper bench, and should be able to pull out a victory by wearing the Frogs down in the second half. Kansas 77, TCU 68.

KU Grad 08: TCU is salty as hell, as we saw twice this year. In both games, KU built a nice second half lead, only to see TCU make some plays to storm back into the game. In both Kansas wins, the Jayhawks were able to put together a few offensive spurts which made the difference. The key is how much Ellis plays - TCU didn’t really seem to have an answer for Perry. If Perry looks good and plays a full game, KU should have enough offense to win. A hot shooting night could make this a comfortable win, but it appears that KU is simply done having a big night from downtown this season. Guess we used them all up earlier in the year. Kansas 64, TCU 58.

dnoll5: I’m looking at the teams in the first session of games and I’m thinking that there is going to be at least 17,000 Kansas fans there today. That bodes well.  TCU finished their last game 16 hours before this one is scheduled to tip and that should play into KU’s favor. That’s also a plus. Perhaps we’ll see a refocused and hot shooting Brannen Greene as well.  Bottom line is that KU wins this game. Kansas 70, TCU 58.

Jim Hammen: I think this is the game that absolutely locks up a 2 seed, if one isn’t clinched already.  All the Jayhawks have to do is avoid a questionable loss in the Big 12 tourney, and with this field, this is the only game that could possibly be that loss.  I don’t doubt that KU’s urgency and energy levels will be on the necessary level, but I’m just worried that health could get in the way.  Perry needs to play, and play well, or this game could be real problematic.  After going 0 for their last way way way too many, it’s time for Selden and Greene to bust out and provide the 3-point shooting lift needed to win this game.  Kansas 68, TCU 64.

cstonehoops: After the Horned Frogs 67-65 victory over Kansas State on Wednesday, TCU’s Trey Zeigler said, “We match up well against Kansas.” Looking at this season’s results, it’s hard to disagree. The Jayhawks have won two close matchups against TCU and I expect the third game to be no different. TCU’s defense has been a problem for Kansas, but I suspect that the Horned Frogs’ offense is simply too anemic to get them the win. Kansas 74, TCU 67.

J. Michael Winmore: Trent Johnson has done a fantastic job in building up TCU’s program. After a solid non conference performance, they proved to be a game Big 12 opponent this season. They played hard against Kansas in both meetings. But playing two games on just 16 hours of rest is hard for anyone. I see a potential Kansas blowout here. Kansas’ patchwork team they ran out in Norman wasn’t supposed to even be in that game, and still just about stole it from the Sooners. Kansas has no more road environments to falter in the rest of this season. Not sure how far they will go in this Big 12 Tournament, but I don’t think they’ll have any problems with the Horned Frogs today. Kansas 77, TCU 54.