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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 2.03.15

A look-see around today's internets.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

So last night I thought to myself: You know, it's time for me to get with this "social media" thing that's sweeping the country.  So I go to sign up for Twitter.  Now, which one of y'all set up the "mikeville" Twitter handle?  I'll give ya a dollar for it.  Otherwise, I'm open to suggestions.

- Kansas Sports -

Selden Soars, Kansas Takes Command Over Iowa State, 89-76

Scoring just one point in the first half didn't matter to Wayne Selden, Jr., but maintaining sole possession of first place in the Big 12 Conference race certainly did. The sophomore guard erupted for 19 second-half points to power No. 9/11 Kansas to a commanding 89-76 win against No. 15/16 Iowa State on ESPN Big Monday inside Allen Fieldhouse.

Wayne Selden Jr. keys KU's revenge-game win |

“We just kept thinking about it, thinking about it (first meeting). Even when we were playing other teams we’d get away from it because we were really looking forward to this one,” said Selden, who had just one point in nine minutes the first half.

When Wayne's World embraces the 3-pointer, it's party time for the Kansas Jayhawks | FOX Sports

Wayne, our Wayne, is a curious case. He's skilled enough to play the point (3.04 assists per game), tall enough to post people up (6-foot-5), and athletic and quick enough to create chaos from just about any spot on the floor. He's built like a prototype wing, plays his tail off -- endearing himself to Self and a few season ticket holders last winter by frequently diving into the crowd for loose balls -- and is blessed with the kind of wingspan and hops to make life hell for off-guards (16 blocks).

But the rim, man. The rim just doesn't like him. It hates him. Passionately. Which is a bit weird, given that Selden was finishing at a 69.1 percent clip a year ago. Was it something he said?

KU Notebook

Fraschilla says KU inconsistent; Matt Doherty in Allen Fieldhouse; Dorsey picks Oregon; Hoiberg praises Graham; Self recalls speaking with Niang

Post-Super Bowl cram session: The Big 12, where Kansas is king, like it or not | FOX Sports

While the critics rage as to whether it's a good thing, this much is still crystal clear in the Big 12: Kansas rules.

- College Sports -

Virginia Cavaliers vs. North Carolina Tar Heels - Recap - February 02, 2015 - ESPN

Malcolm Brogdon scored 17 points and Virginia's defense locked up No. 12 North Carolina in the second half to win 75-64 on Monday night.

Poll Attacks: Did Pete Carroll vote in the coaches poll or what? -

TCU got zero points in last week's coaches poll. Then the Horned Frogs lost two more games to fall to 1-7 in the Big 12, and now, somehow, they have five points in the coaches poll, which means they are, I believe, the first team in college basketball history to ever gain Top 25 votes while on a four-game losing streak and with a 1-7 league record.

Kentucky, Jahlil Okafor & 10 talking points for the college basketball season | FOX Sports

Let me catch you up with 10 things you need to know if you first thought of paying attention to college hoops when you were nursing that Super Bowl hangover Monday morning.

- Professional Sports -

Super Bowl 49 watched by 114.4M, sets U.S. TV viewership record -

Over 114 million viewers tuned into Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday night on NBC, making it the most watched television show in U.S. history. There have only been seven shows in American television history that have topped 100 million viewers -- and six of those are Super Bowls. The only non-Super Bowl to top the 100 million viewer mark came in February 1983 when the M*A*S*H finale drew 106 million viewers on CBS.

- Fake News -

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady: "I'm going to keep living my completely awesome life that's better than Disneyland" - SportsPickle | SportsPickle

“Nothing against Disneyland, I would totally go there if I was, like, a normal who would see a trip to a theme park as a fun day,” said Brady. “But I’m Tom Brady. I’m married to a super model. I have four Super Bowl titles. I makes tens of millions of dollars and my wife makes twice what I make. We travel all around the world and wear the finest clothes. A trip to Disneyland would be the worst day I’ve had in, like, 15 years. No offense.”

- Videos of the Day -

Malcolm Butler's Interception As Called By Patriots & Seahawks Radio

You've heard the NBC call of last night's decisive goal-line interception by Malcolm Butler, but if you haven't had the opportunity to experience the thrill of victory (Patriots radio, via WBZ, above) or the agony of defeat (KIRO Seahawks radio, below) then here's your opportunity.

WATCH: Man tops ball so badly it hits him in the head -

Physics would seem to be at odds with what happens in this video, and yet it doesn't appear to be staged (because who would stage this?). This poor man tops a fairway wood so badly the ball pops straight in the air and hits him in the head.