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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 2.27.15

A look-see around today's internets.

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Happy Friday!

I'm not a very superstitious person, but I need your help, RCT.  What pic do we want to go with for the open game thread tomorrow?  The Brannen Greene three finger salute pic?  RCT's Favorite cheerleader (above)?  Big Jay?  Bill Self?  Let me know.

- Kansas Sports -

Jayhawks discuss concerns at players’ meeting |

"Different guys stepped up, said different things, had their own opinions," Mason said of the meeting. "We just all took it and tried to make it positive and make the change."

Kansas Jayhawks must find a way to do the one thing that's eluded 'em all year: Finish | FOX Sports

KU converts 56.6 percent of its shots at the rim as a team, according to, good for No. 238 out of 351 Division I programs. Now, by the same token, KU opponents are making only 51.0 percent of their shots at the rim, which is 25th nationally, and the kind of thing you can hang your hat on in March.

Bill Self: KU has to take care of business in Big 12 race | Smithology |

The coach hit on KU’s loss at Kansas State this week, what Iowa State’s loss to Baylor means for the Jayhawks and just how good the Longhorns (17-11 overall, 6-9 Big 12) are, despite not living up to expectations — among other topics.

Self Previews College GameDay in Weekly Presser

ESPN College GameDay will make its "Kansas Road Trip" this Saturday when the crew travels from Wichita State's campus to Lawrence to showcase the Texas at Kansas contest. As head coach Bill Self prepares for the visiting Longhorns, he met with the media to discuss College GameDay, the premier point guard play in the Big 12 Conference and past meetings with former Longhorn Kevin Durant.

University of Kansas Baseball - Jayhawks Trounce Cougars in Hit-Fest, 15-2

The Kansas baseball team blasted 15 hits in a rain-soaked win over Western Athletic Conference (WAC) foe Chicago State, 15-2, Thursday afternoon in the Snowbird Classic at North Charlotte Regional Park.

Roundtable: Keys for new Big 12 coordinators - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Kansas: My goodness, where do we begin? I would start with finding out who can play and who can help. Not only is the staff largely new, the players are largely new, too. No team in the Big 12 returns fewer starters than the Jayhawks. Evaluating and identifying a potential two-deep is Step 1, especially up front along the offensive line.

K-State, TCU lead Big 12 in 3rd-down conversions - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Kansas: The only team to rank in the bottom two in both categories, it's easy to see why David Beaty is taking charge in Lawrence, Kansas. It's somewhat surprising to see the Jayhawk defense so far down the list but KU had 13 third-down sacks during this span. And the quarterback position has been a major problem at KU since Todd Reesing left in 2009.

K-State fans troll Kansas Jayhawks with mock public service announcement on court storming | FOX Sports

"Haven't enough feelings been hurt already?" the description on the video states. "For only $18 dollars a month you can provide food, shelter, medical assistance and most importantly, love, for a victim of court storming this season. Pick up the phone or go online." (Mr. Ed says: Yeah, K-State fans really seem to "get it" and all those apologies were definitely heart-felt and sincere - looking at you, John Currie.)

- Potpourri -

How to give your kids a proper sports name

If there’s one goal every parent in the world should have, it should be to not saddle their children with any unnecessary difficulties in life — unfortunate names included. Name your children whatever you want, sports-crazed parents. But keep these helpful tips in mind before settling on a name.

- Pics and Videos of the Day -

LOOK: SEC stadiums are covered in snow -

You have to wonder if the Big Ten will start using this as a recruiting ploy. "You don't want to play in the SEC! It snows down there!"

Local News Segment On Sledding Leads To Multiple Crashes

Today's edition of "People from the South Learning About the Cold" takes us to Greenville, S.C., where WYFF news sent a reporter into the field to do some sledding. Be sure to stick around for the bonus blooper, in which a child takes out the cameraman. All in all, this is a great piece of local news.

Live Report On Dangerous Driving Conditions Interrupted By Car Wreck

It just keeps happening: a TV reporter's live shot covering bad weather gets the most effective illustration when a car wrecks onscreen. This is from Chattanooga CBS affiliate WDEF last night via reader Jake. We have to ask the question: is it really safe for reporters to be hanging out on road-sides?

Jusuf Nurkic Picked Up The Best, Most Disrespectful Technical Possible

Usually Nuggets rookie Jusuf Nurkic is being conventionally disrespectful, talking (crap) to Marc Gasol after swatting his shot or taunting DeMarcus Cousins all the way down the court after hitting a jumper in his face. But tonight he stepped up his subtle goon game by softly dropping the ball into Markieff Morris's arms after a lame flop attempt. He got a technical for it.