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KU Predictions: VS TCU

Our writing team gets together to predict the outcome of today's game.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

KU Grad 08: Look out, TCU just beat OSU by 15 and crushed KSU! Both games were in the Horned Frogs’ middle school gym, but still. Looks like TCU is playing their best ball of the season. As I’ve said before, I’m predicting KU to fall apart down the stretch but I don’t think we will lose at home to TCU, even if the Frogs are playing well. Kansas 74, TCU 65.

dnoll5: TCU gave Kansas a lot of trouble down in Fort Worth in part because the Horned Frogs outrebounded Kansas by a significant margin.  Sound familiar?  For that reason (and if Cliff Alexander isn’t utilized more in a late season surge to realize his potential) I can see this one being close.  But, this is in the Phog, so I think KU wins. Kansas 78, TCU 67.

cstonehoops: I really like the Horned Frogs. They’ve quietly been pretty good all season, but because they’re TCU they haven’t received much love beyond that odd week in the top 25. Still, I don’t expect them to provide much resistance in the Phog. After taking West Virginia to overtime in Morgantown, the Horned Frogs have lost their last three road games by an average margin of 20 points. Kansas 79, TCU 63.

Fizzle406: Remember that scene in Brokeback Mountain where Heath Ledger’s wife finds out what really happens during those fishing trips and in a drunken rampage he pulls a random guy out of his truck and starts beating on him to show his manliness? He gets his ass kicked but I picture this game going like that only we are the ones doing the ass kicking. These guys have been accused of being soft and its time to assert their dominance on an unsuspecting team. Kansas 77, TCU 64

Tom Fehr: I predict that I will lose more of my hair over Bill Self not playing Cliff Alexander. Fun fact: in KU's 3 Big 12 losses, Cliff Alexander has played a COMBINED 6 second half minutes. But, KU should win this one fairly easily. Kansas 80, TCU 67

Jim Hammen: KU has some pent-up frustration to relieve, stemming from both the last-second loss in Morgantown and the fact that the first TCU matchup went down to the buzzer, thanks to a lackluster rebounding effort in both instances.  TCU has played well lately, but they’re not hanging around in this one. Kansas 82, TCU 64.

jbrooks: I think KU comes out with an edge after what happened in Morgantown. This game won’t be close after mid way through the first half. Cliff has a monster game that carries over for the rest of the year. How great does that sound?? A little wishful thinking never hurt anybody. Kansas 77, TCU 60

penhawk: This team is very much aware that the Big 12 race us down to one game, and I doubt they'll overlook TCU. I'm sure KU will disappear for a period of time at some point and give TCU some hope, but there's no way this stays close. Kansas 78, TCU 63

mikeville: Well everyone else pretty much said what I'm going to say.  And since I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain, I have no idea what fizzle is talking about.  I'm not sure how long we spent practicing boxing out and layups this week, but I sure hope it was most of our practice time.  The Jayhawks put up an embarrassing performance against West Virginia and I think TCU will suffer because of it.  Kansas 85, TCU 60.

I'll let you guys read my prediction in the Q&A on Frogs O' War a little bit later today. I doubt it will shock anyone.