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Rock Chalk Talk Podcast Reboot: Episode 5

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

In this episode (recorded before the Kansas State game), Tom and I discuss my post on the best and worst coaches in the Big 12, what makes a good coach in general, and who would you most want at Kansas if Self weren't the coach.

We'll also discuss Tom's article on when to pull people with two fouls from the game (yay that discussion again!), some talk about how to value the contributions of Cliff Alexander, Brannen Greene, and Devonte Graham.

Detailed breakdown:

2:00 - Introducing the ranking of the best coaches in the Big 12. Self first, Weber worst.

3:30 - Which Big 12 coach would you want at Kansas if not Bill Self?

11:00 - Talking about some fouls, foul trouble, substitutions, etc etc etc

19:00 - Some Brannen Greene stats and discussion.

21:40 - Some Devonte Graham love.

25:00 - Back to Cliff Alexander and his lack of playing time.

29:45 - Big 12 power rankings and potential final standings talk.