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Kansas Baseball Uniform Analysis

Kansas has worn some pretty sharp looking baseball uniforms through the years, and we take the time to analyze them one by one.

Well, with the Kansas baseball team having started its season, it’s time to shift a little of the focus on baseball. Kansas has a strong baseball tradition, and have worn many uniforms through the years. Today, we’ll examine the past, present, and what to expect in the future as far as KU baseball uniforms go.

KU had a classic look back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. KU has always had a KC Royals/LA Dodgers vibe in their uniform set, and that can be seen in the 1980’s. That’s a sharp and clean baseball uniform.

I have fond memories of the old Hoglund-Maupin Stadium before the renovations, especially on the days of the infamous $0.25 hotdog. Man, those were the days. My memories are from the mid-1990’s when KU wore the classic interlocking KU on their hats. Early, it was white and later replaced by a red and white KU. Either way, it was a great look that was continued through the early part of the new century.

As for the past several years, KU was had a multitude of uniforms.  Let’s first examine the hats.  My personal favorite is the blue hat with the block "K" on the front.  It comes from the famous game day flag, and I think that this hat is one of the top looks in all of college baseball.

In recent years, KU started wearing a Montreal Expos inspired tri-colored cap. These became an instantly popular choice, and I think they look great, especially when they are paired up with their Chicago White Sox inspired fauxback uniforms (more on them in a moment).

KU has also worn white caps with a blue bill. At first. this look featured the interlocking KU, but now the Jayhawk logo adorns the white cap. I’m not a fan of a white cap in baseball, so when KU opts to go to their all blue hats with the Jayhawk on the front, I’m much more content.

I’m surprised that KU hasn’t broken out a red hat with the angry Jayhawk on it, but I could see that as a new one for the 2015 season. Football and soccer have used the old 1941 logo, so I’m assuming it’ll be on the baseball diamond sooner rather than later.

As for the baseball uniforms themselves, KU has worn a huge variety. Click on any of the links to take a peek. I have put these in order of my favorite to least favorite.

  1. Grey Circus Font
  2. Blue Circus Font
  3. White Sox Fauxbacks
  4. Grey Vest
  5. Home Whites
  6. Blue Alternate with Script Kansas
  7. Blue Alternate
  8. White Vest
  9. Red Alternate
  10. White with blue accents

Feel free to disagree with my rankings here, but I think it’s safe to say that those uniforms with the circus font as pretty awesome, and that the typical home whites leave a little to be desired, especially compared to some of the other choices Kansas has to wear. As for the red being at the bottom, the uniforms are fine, but I like to see more blue than red in any Kansas Jayhawk uniform.

As for the Chi-Sox styled fauxbacks, I’d like them more if they were a tad more unique. One, put the number on the pants like the old White Sox used to have. And two, these type of uniforms were used by Adidas schools all over the country. If it was a unique look that KU came up with on their own, I think I’d like it more. As for a future alternate, could something like this be in the cards?  Even though it's an Adidas template, I hope so.

One thing we can all agree on is the socks right? I mean that’s how a baseball player is supposed to look.

Again, if I missed anything, feel free to tell me all about it in the comments section.