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KU Predictions: vs Baylor

Our writing team gets together to predict the outcome of tomorrow's game.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

the6thJayhawk: I'm going to go slightly off the rails here, and predict an outright Jayhawk win. AFH is going to be psyched, and the team has had plenty of time to prepare for this. Plus, if we can take them early in the conference season at Baylor by 1 point... I say we can take them at home mid-season by 15, at least. (AFH is a 10-point advantage for us, at least. Plus, I think we will get hot from three at some point.) Baylor has a good squad, but -- as always -- is coached by Scott Drew. I think it'll be the 2012 Baylor-KU game all over again. There will be a monster dunk (probably courtesy of Cliff Alexander), and Kansas will open up the taps and never look back. It's a Saturday afternoon game, and Self always loves those -- when the lights are coming through the windows of AFH. It's going to be a sad spotlight and a bad omen for the Baylor Bears. Count on it! Kansas 77 - Baylor 61.

Man, Baylor is so unpredictable this season- winning games they shouldn't, losing games they should win, but one thing that is pretty close to a lock is Baylor's performance inside Allen Fieldhouse. They haven't won in Allen since the formation of the league and I don't think it'll happen on Saturday. Kansas 75, Baylor 64

Jim Hammen:
Similar to K-State, it's pretty rare that Baylor gives KU any sort of challenge at the Phog, even when the Bears are highly ranked. They have played better than I would have expected so far this season, but not well enough to make me concerned about this game at all. The Jayhawks stay hot from behind the three-point line, rip off a couple of big dunks, and cruise to an easy W. Kansas 80, Baylor 64.

Rico Suave will cause some issues but with overall better players and better coaching, I think KU will teach these guys a lesson. Kansas 77, Baylor 62

KU Chief:
With Cliff in the starting lineup (finally) in the friendly confines of AFH, I can't see KU losing this one, though I can certainly see this team getting out in front but then giving most of it away... With that said, I'm going with something like a 14 point lead in the second half, but a final that makes it look closer than it was. Kansas 73, Baylor 67

I see this as a solid home victory for the Jayhawks. There will be contributions across the board with especially good games from Devonte Graham and Jamari Traylor. It will be comfortable for most of the second half with Tyler, Evan, and the rest of the walk-ons getting decent run. The light will shine through onto Kansas this Saturday afternoon. Kansas 75, Baylor 57

There aren't two Big 12 players I'd rather see in a steel cage match than Rico Gathers and Cliff Alexander. In the first meeting, Gathers grabbed nine offensive boards, but couldn't make a layup to save his life. He'll shoot better this time, but Alexander will also do a good on the baseline against Baylor's zone. Combine that with some of Kansas' hot 3-point shooting and I like the Jayhawks. Kansas 76, Baylor 63.

Baylor makes me nervous. We haven't been doing well on the defensive boards lately, and Baylor is one of the best offensive rebounding teams in the country. I'm afraid this could lead to some extended possessions and cheap points for the Bears. I'm not quite worried enough to pick a loss in Allen Fieldhouse, but I think this could resemble the first Baylor game: a low scoring, close game. Kansas 64, Baylor 61

mikeville: Baylor does not make me nervous. Can't really tell you why... they just don't. When focused, the Jayhawks can absolutely shred a zone defense, so I think we'll be fine offensively. The big question is, can we hang in there on the boards and play well defensively? I'll say yes, an expect the Jayhawks to win comfortably, although the margin may not come until later in the game. Kansas 75, Baylor 65.

misterbrain: Baylor seems to give us a difficult time quite often, but I'm not really that worried about this game.  Kansas has shown themselves to be a much better team at home, and while Baylor has size down low, they seem to often be caught flat-footed.  Add in the 3-pt ability of the Jayhawks, and they should be able to pull this one out late.  I'll say Kansas 78, Baylor 71.