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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 2.12.15

A look-see around today's internets.

John Weast/Getty Images

Anybody know if that "Perry Ellis face" site is still active?

- Kansas Sports -

The Day After: A three-point takedown at Texas Tech | Tale of the Tait |

The question that has popped up — and in some ways divided the KU fan base — is should KU shoot more three-pointers because the team has proven to be so effective from behind the arc? KU coach Bill Self doesn't think so, calling such a high percentage from three-point land “fool's gold.”

How Kansas Jayhawks' Brannen Greene developed the prettiest shot in the Big 12 | FOX Sports

In fact, the Georgia native’s trey conversion rate is the best of any player at a Power 5 program — Big 12, Big Ten, ACC, Pac-12, SEC — who has averaged at least one made triple per game this year. If Greene isn’t at the head of the line for the league’s Sixth Man of the Year award, he better darn well be within shouting distance.

Rock Chalk Weekly: Timing is Everything

While many fans might be familiar with how the University of Kansas pursued and eventually signed Devonte' Graham, few people know the circumstances that allowed him to enroll at KU.

Report: KU assistant coach Jerrance Howard fined for drug offense |

According to the report, Howard, 34, was arrested in July 2014 for unlawful possession of cannabis and ordered to pay nearly $1,200 in fines and court fees and placed on six months of court supervision, which ends Friday.

KU baseball looking for believers in Big 12 |

“We were always picked in the bottom of the standings,” KU coach Ritch Price said at the Jayhawks’ annual media day Wednesday. “You just go out and overachieve. That’s how we prepare is to overachieve.”

Big 12 Football: Tracking the Class of 2014, part I - ESPN

A team-by-team look at the Big 12's true freshmen who played in 2014, their impact in the first year and one redshirt who could make an impact in 2015

- College Sports -

La Salle Explorers vs. Virginia Commonwealth Rams - Recap - February 11, 2015 - ESPN

When Jordan Price made a 3-pointer for his first points in nearly 13 minutes, and then No. 20 VCU failed to score, the Explorers had a break they needed in a 74-69 double-overtime victory.

Rob Ash of Montana State Bobcats says FCS programs cannot be 'a farm system' for FBS - ESPN

"I'm really opposed to this rule the way it's starting to be manipulated by FBS schools," said Rob Ash, who has never had a losing record in eight seasons at Montana State. "As FCS coaches, we need to lobby now to get this rule changed. It's going to be potentially a very difficult, bad situation for FCS with really good players that we recruit, we develop, being tempted to move on for that fifth and final year."

Coaching changes after national signing day unfair in football recruiting - ESPN

There currently isn't an escape clause in the national letter of intent for coaching changes. Coaches can leave for better opportunities, but players are bound to the schools by their signatures. Even if the assistant coach (or head coach) who recruited a prospect to a school leaves, the player still is required to attend that school under NCAA rules. If a prospect doesn't enroll at the school with which he signed, he'd be ineligible as a freshman and would lose one of his four years of eligibility.

Michigan students want to write new, additional Michigan fight song -

“The Victors” could soon have a modernistic younger sibling. If a resolution presented to the Central Student Government on Tuesday night passes, the body will provide funding to a group of students looking to develop an additional thematic song to play at University athletics events.

Jim Leavitt back in college game, while player he struck is struggling -

More than five years after he was a central figure in the firing of USF coach Jim Leavitt, Miller still feels like a victim. A different kind of victim. His situation emerged with a new national twist last week when Leavitt was hired back in college for the first time since USF as Colorado's defensive coordinator.

The Top 10 College Football Recruiting Classes of 2015 - SportsPickle | SportsPickle

6. Akron: Screw it. Why not? Let’s stop pretending recruiting is some kind of science. Everyone is just guessing on teenage kids playing against 155-pound linebackers in crap towns all across our great land. Maybe Akron will end up with an amazing class. Maybe they won’t. But if they somehow do? We are TOTALLY going to tout the fact that this site was the only one to rank them so high.

- Professional Sports -

Eye on Baseball's 10 Best Remaining Free Agents -

Earlier this week, the last big name free agent came off the board when the Padres inked right-hander James Shields to a four-year contract. The only players left on the open market are spare part players -- extra relievers, bench players, those sorts of guys. Well, those guys and one potential franchise player.

Matt Harvey's interesting year away from baseball -

Now, though, Harvey, writing for Derek Jeter's "The Players' Tribune' site (as you'll see, Mr. Harvey is now the "New York City Bureau Chief"), is shedding some light on what that year in exile was like for him on a personal level. Executive summary: He went to an exotic location. Laos, to be specific.

- Videos of the Day -

AUDIO - Johnny The Tuba Player’s Tuba War « The DA Show – CBS Sports Radio

Johnny from Mississippi called the show and discussed his Tuba playing at his local Junior High. He revealed he owed his success to his rival tuba player Brandon. The rivalry is discussed and set to a “Rocky,” themed montage.

WATCH: Amazing footage shows Ruth, Cobb taking hilariously ugly swings -

At Grantland, Johnah Keri wrote a post about his five favorite video clips from his trip to MLB Productions' facility. Needless to say, it's well worth the read. And this clip is well worth sharing. It's Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth -- with some Dazzy Vance and Walter Johnson mixed in for good measure -- taking some of the ugliest swings you'll ever see.

High-Speed Chase Ends With Civilians Dishing Out Street Justice

Police got into a high-speed pursuit with a robbery suspect in Dallas, and the chase ended when the suspect slammed into a line of cars at a stop light. That's when he was apprehended not by police officers, but by a road-raging couple who were not about to let some (jerk) just get away with wrecking their car.