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KU Predictions: At Texas Tech

Our writing team gets together to predict the outcome of tonight's game.

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So that last game was a debacle. The only question before we get to today's predictions is "Can you blame anyone if they go off the deep end and predict a doomsday scenario?" Hopefully not.

mikeville: Lubbock has been an interesting place this year, what with Iowa State and Kansas State (minus Marcus Foster) losing there this year. After Saturday’s second half debacle in Stillwater, I really hope the Jayhawks got the wake up call they need. Therefore, I think that Texas Tech will be lucky to see 50 points this game. I say they make it there, but just barely - Kansas 75, Texas Tech 52.

KU Grad 08: I don’t think it’ll be very pretty, but I don’t see KU losing in Lubbock. Not after blowing a lead and a golden opportunity to put a stranglehold on the league in Stillwater. Kansas 69, Texas Tech 57.

dnoll5: This looks to be a win going away for Kansas as Bill Self should have them ready to go from the start in this one. I’d be surprised if Tech can stay with KU for any longer than the first 10 minutes or so. Kansas 77, Texas Tech 55.

Fizzle406: I think this one is going to be closer than we would all want. It’s going to be one of those games where you just get angry at the half assed play and get pessimistic about the rest of the season. KU wins but it’s not going to be a pretty win. Kansas 63, Texas Tech 54

cstonehoops: Despite being the worst team in the Big 12 according to Ken Pomeroy’s efficiency rankings, Texas Tech has picked up a pair of wins in Lubbock during Big 12 play. I expect Kansas to have a good game after blowing an 11-point first half lead in Stillwater. I’ll be watching to see if Kelly Oubre can break out of his Big 12 road slump--he’s only averaging 4.4 points per game on the road in league play. Kansas 72, Texas Tech 58.

the6thJayhawk: I don’t seem to be very good at predicting at this stuff, but I’ll try to nail it this time. The first half, it won’t look like much of an improvement from the Kansas team we saw in the second half of the OSU game. KU will get off to a hot start, but then turn stagnant till halftime. Afterward, though, Kansas will be on fire. THey will be showing everyone why they are the No. 1 team in the Big 12 and it will look something like the at Texas game -- firing on all cylinders. It will be one of those "the score doesn’t demonstrate how much of a momentous blowout this was" sort of games. Kansas 80, Texas Tech 67.

jbrooks: Kansas has been hard to gauge from game to game this conference season. They look great and seem to have it figured out, just to give up the big lead. Then, they walk into Austin with concerns and play the best game of the season. As far as the Texas Tech game goes, I think it will start close and the Red Raiders will hang around for most of the first half. Greene will hit a couple shots and Selden will keep the hot streak going. The second half will be made of a couple Self adjustments to effort and motor with the Jayhawks comfortably pulling away. Kansas 74, Texas Tech 61

KU Chief: If there was ever a time to have Texas Tech on the schedule, it’s now. After the embarrassing display in Stillwater this weekend the Hawks could use a blowout, and while there are no gimmes when it comes to Big 12 road games, this is the closest this team will get to one. I think KU wins this one handily so long as Bill doesn’t get fancy, and narrowly if he does… I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now despite his unwillingness to join the #FreeCliff movement thus far: Kansas 71, Texas Tech 54

misterbrain: Bold prediction time, and not in a good way. The Jayhawks come off sluggish and trail at half time. The bad times continue in the 2nd half, with Tech leading by 11 at the under 12 timeout. Kansas finally wakes up and goes on a bit of a run, doing just enough at the end to pull off the victory. We freak out for 3 days. Kansas 57, Texas Tech 56