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High School Recruit Harry Giles trims list.

Harry Giles, 2016 five star power forward trims his list to eight.

Recruit Harry Giles
Recruit Harry Giles

ESPN 60 power forward Harry Giles trimmed his list to eight schools. He is ranked #2 in the country and a hot commodity in the national landscape. Duke, Kentucky, North Carolina, Syracuse, Ohio State, Wake Forest, and UNLV join Kansas in the hunt.

Giles was quoted as saying, "I wanted to focus on the schools I was really going to seriously consider."

"I see myself fitting in the systems of these eight schools and I have a solid relationship with those coaches and this gives me an opportunity to build those relationships. I didn't want to waste the other schools' time so they could move on with their recruiting."

The 6'10" North Carolina native is seen as a skilled four man in the mold of a Chris Webber.

All concerns of his knee injury from 2013 should be behind him.