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K-Uniform Review: Season Rankings

KU wore 10 different uniform combinations this season. We rank them from best to worst.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is mercifully over, and it’s not a stretch to say that the highlight of each game day was the unveiling of the uniform that KU would wear. So after 12 games and ten different uniform combinations, we’re ranking the best and worst looks of the season for KU football.

The Best Looking:



KU only broke out the blue pants on the road once this season, but next year, they should consider it more often. Blue/White/Blue is the best look on the road, and when you flip to this game on TV, you immediately know that you are watching Kansas. It’s such a great look, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they tried a white helmet next year, as long as they use this combination multiple times.

The Next Best:

Oklahoma State: 

Blue/White/Light Grey

I’m an unabashed fan of the light grey pants, and this traditional road combo looked really nice. I’m just a little stunned that they didn’t wear these beautiful pants at home. Next year maybe.



The all-white look is a pretty solid choice for Kansas. KU wore this combination twice and the only change was the stickers on the side of the helmet. I would rank the Rutgers game slightly higher based on the fact that for that game, KU went with the traditional Jayhawk on both sides of the helmet. Against TCU, the 1941 Jayhawk was featured on one side while the KU word mark was on the other.



This look ranks as the best home uniform combination for Kansas this season. Like the above critique, KU wore this combination twice and the only change was the stickers on the side of the helmet.

Texas Tech: 

Blue/Blue/Dark Grey

This is probably the most traditional that Kansas looked at Memorial Stadium this season. This would be in the top category if the light grey pants had been introduced for this contest, but alas they weren’t. Still, I wouldn’t be mad if the Jayhawks came out of the tunnel in this combination for every home game next season.

Not Bad:

West Virginia: 

Blue/Red/Dark Grey

I liked this combination far more than I thought I would. The red looked good with the other elements, and if KU want’s to “mix it up” at home, I suggest that they give this combination another try. Substitute the light grey pants for the dark ones, and we’ve really got something.



Like the review above, I liked these uniforms more than I thought I would. And at least there is a lot of blue. Kansas should always be blue, so I really have no problem with this at all.

Iowa State: 

Blue/White/Dark Grey

When you look at this game on it’s own, it looks pretty good, but it just doesn’t look as good as the game against Oklahoma State did. If the light grey pants magically disappeared, this combination would be a welcome road look, it’s just not the best that KU displayed this season.

No, thanks:



This just didn’t look good. It was unbalanced and I’m not sure that any pants other than the white pants would look good with the white helmet and blue jersey. Almost any other combination of blue and white would look better.

Burn Them:



I reviewed these last week. I have not changed my mind. These are horrific and should be permanently shelved. For some reason, a lot of people liked the mono-red look, but for me, they are easily the worst looking combination in KU’s wardrobe.

So there you have it. No Blue/Blue/White this season for some reason, but if it happens next year, it will certainly top the rankings.