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KU Volleyball knocks off Furman

Jayhawks advance to face Missouruh in the second round.

9-seed Kansas dealt with Furman Thursday night inside Horejsi Athletic Center in three sets, 25-14, 25-21, 21-17.  They Jayhawks weren't on their A-game, but it was still enough to sweep the Paladins out of the NCAA Volleyball Tournament.

The Jayhawks had five service errors in the first set, but pulled away late, turning a 14-10 into a 25-14 win.  Furman came out in attack mode in the second set, and quickly built an 8-4 lead.  Kansas tied it up and the teams exchanged points until 20-20, when Kansas finally won four of the final five points to take the two-set lead into the break.

Kansas started the third set slow as well, falling behind 5-3, but an 11-2 run quickly dashed any hope Furman had of taking a set from the Jayhawks tonight, as the Jayhawks cruised through the last half of the third set.  KU was even able to get some subs out on the floor for a few points towards the end of the match.

KU will take on the Missouruh Tigers, who were victorious earlier in the evening over Missouruh State.  Missouruh is ranked #25 in the final poll of the year, but was not seeded in the tournament.  They only lost five matches all year - St. Louis, Alabama, #15 Florida, #16Texas A&M (x2).

The Tigers are definitely beatable, especially on our home floor.  However, this starting slow has got to stop, because sooner rather than later in the Tournament, the Jayhawks are going to run into teams that they won't be able to come back on.