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Kansas Basketball hosts annual kids holiday clinic

Raise your hand if you're at work today.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

- Kansas Sports -

Jayhawks Host Annual Holiday Clinic

The Holiday Clinic opened with Coach Self introducing the Kansas team and staff to the clinicians, followed by the throng of 530 future Jayhawks serenating "Happy Birthday" to Coach Self under the direction of camp organizer Brennan Bechard.

- College Sports -

Is the Big 12 on the verge of major change? A look at key questions

The biggest question facing the league is philosophical: Is a bigger league actually stronger? Expansion is a potential step, and it appears that BYU and Cincinnati would be the favorites to be invited to the conference if it expanded today. However, if there were obvious and lucrative ways to expand the league and enhance revenue, the Big 12 would have taken those steps long ago.

AP Exclusive: Schools ease athlete penalties for marijuana | FOX Sports

The AP found that some of the nation's biggest universities, from Oregon to Auburn, have already eased their punishments as society's views on marijuana use have changed. Marijuana use among U.S. adults has doubled over a decade, according to government surveys, and recreational use is now legal in four states.

Nebraska targeting ejection baffles everyone watching Foster Farms Bowl -

Listen, I know how difficult a targeting call can be for officials, and I think it's something that should exist, but we really need to have a little more common sense involved in these calls. There's a noticeable difference between a hit that is malicious and one that happens in the course of a game.

Baker Mayfield: TCU 'hung me out to dry' with no scholarship offer -

“They told me they were gonna offer me a scholarship and kind of drug it out, and I told other schools I wasn't interested because I thought I was going to go there, and I truly believed they were going to offer me because they told me that. They disappointed me and kind of hung me out to dry right before signing day.”

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Meadowlark Lemon, iconic star of the Harlem Globetrotters, dies at 83 -

Famous for his long-distance hook shots, sublime passing and pranks that included dumping buckets of confetti on referees, Lemon became the Globetrotters' biggest star. His nearly 25-year career with the prolific team, from 1954-78, gave rise to popularity of the NBA.

It's been a good year for Kansas City sports fans -

As of Sunday, the Royals and Chiefs have done something in the same year for the first time ever. (Mr. Ed says: Well technically, the Chiefs have qualified for the 2016 playoffs... so maybe say "season" instead of "year.")

Monday Musings: Belichick may be a genius but deferring in OT is dumb -

What transpired Sunday at the end of his team's game with the New York Jets is yet another reminder that even the all-time greats, even guys much smarter than you or me or anybody else when it comes to football, blow situational football.

Bill Belichick needs 14 words to explain decision to kick in overtime -

"Because I thought it was the best thing to do," Belichick said. "... There was no confusion."

The Jets' perfect response to Belichick's OT kick decision -

The Jets' official Twitter account had the picture perfect response to Belichick's statement.

- Pics and Vids of the Day -

LOOK: Star Trek-themed Kirk Cousins T-shirts? YOU LIKE THAT! -

A T-shirt web site is hawking "Captain Kirk" shirts in Washington's colors.

LOOK: Clay Matthews pulls fast one on Carson Palmer after drilling him -

Clay Matthews and Carson Palmer might have both gone to USC, but apparently, they're not friends.

LOOK: Big, shirtless guy in sombrero is the hero of the snowy Sun Bowl -

Miami and Washington State are dealing with heavy snowfall and winds as they battle for the Sun Bowl crown. Before the game it was a bit cold, but bright and sunny.