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Scot Pollard: Kids shouldn't play just one sport

There's been an awakening.

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It's a slow news day - in a way, I guess that's good.

Matt Tait: Several Jayhawks deserve watching |

The following Jayhawks are not necessarily the six best players on the roster nor are they the six most important players, though a case could be made that a couple of them are both. Instead, the list is made up of six guys who I think will be the most fun to watch on a team that will look to bounce back from a rough and winless 2015 season.

Column: Let kids play multiple sports - Scot Pollard |

Different people mature at different ages. And the psychological impact of a kid being told from age 7- or 8-years-old, “Oh you’re special. You’re on a travel team because you are so good.” Well, your parents held you back and your parents did other things to make you feel like you are an elite athlete at that age. It’s a psychological problem that will come back later as an adult and these kids will be damaged as adults because they are being told they are special from a young age, a tender age, where they should learn not everybody is good and maybe they are not that good. Instead they are being told they are great and they are set up for failure as adults because they turn out to be normal which is just fine. It’s OK for everybody and anybody to be normal because we are all normal.

Massive changes resulting in old-school college basketball (Dec 25, 2015) | FOX Sports

Scoring has increased by more than six points per team for each game, while teams have gotten about four more possessions and taken nearly five more field-goal attempts. According to the NCAA, about 75 percent of those additional points have been due to improved pace of play, with the remaining 25 percent of scoring from increased efficiency.

Inside College Hoops: This weekend is all about Louisville at Kentucky -

"Let's just play basketball," Calipari told reporters earlier this week. "We don't need to relish in anybody's struggles. ... Let's just have some class."

Viewer's Guide, expert bowl picks: Sun Bowl leads full Saturday slate -

Bowl season rages on this Saturday with six more games to glue you to your seat. While it isn't your typical college football Saturday, there are games on all day that you can watch instead of doing anything productive, and that's what Saturdays are for, right?

Texas A&M transfer quarterback Kyler Murray signs with Oklahoma -

Former Texas A&M quarterback Kyler Murray has signed with the Sooners. The freshman announced he was transferring out of Texas A&M earlier this month and it did not take long for him to make a decision on his new destination.

LOOK: Kylo Ren from 'Star Wars' showed up to cheer on the Raiders -

Even Kylo Ren understands that Thursday night's game at the Coliseum might be the Raiders' last home game in Oakland, with a potential relocation to Los Angeles on the horizon. The villain in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in attendance to watch the Chargers and Raiders battle it out Thursday night.

Browns player rents theater, invites fans to watch 'Star Wars' for free -

Turns out, Barnidge is a better person than he is a football player. When he's not surprising students with holiday shopping sprees he's renting out a theater for Star Wars: The Force Awakens -- and it's free for anyone who shows up.