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Kansas Football Recruiting Tracker: 12.25.15

A look at how Beaty and the staff are doing on the recruiting trail.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Coach Beaty and KU coaching staff has been hard at work recruiting since the moment they got (back) to Lawrence.  That sounds cliché, but to illustrate, consider that Kansas has (as of 12/23) extended 178 offers to the members of class of 2016, 50 offers out to the class of 2017, and four offers to the class of 2018 (per 247 Sports).

The Jayhawks currently have a list of 14 pledges for the upcoming 2016 class.  Obviously, there is still a long ways to go with this class still having nine spots to fill to get to the maximum of 25.  Here's a look at the current "commits" for 2016:

LOI JUCO Player POS State 247 Rank Rivals Other Offers
Dagan Haehn QB TX Murray St
Braylon Royal WR TX 3* 2* Illini, Ark St, SDSU
x x Stephan Robinson WR OK 3* 2* Ark St, USA, USM, Tul, USU
Keegan Brewer WR TX
Chris Hughes OL TX 3* 3* UNT, TTU, UTSA, Cal, Hou
Antione Frazier OL TX 3* 2*
x Joe Malanga OL UT 3* 2* Hou
Hunter Harris OL TX 3* 2* Army, Cal, Tul, SFA
x Manaia Perese DT UT 3* 2* Haw, UNI, Tul
x x Isi Holani DT CA 3* 3* KSU, CSU, Haw, UAB
x x DeeIsaac Davis DT KS 3* 2* Idaho, USM
Maciah Long LB TX 3* 3* ASU, IU, MU, tOSU, SMU, TTU, UCF, UCLA
Kyle Mayberry DB OK 3* 3* UH, Illini, KSU, Mem, VT, WSU, WYO
Ian Peterson S TX 3* 2* Colo, Hou, UNM, NMSU, SMU, Tol, Wisc

Keep in mind that only three have signed so far; those three are JUCO early enrollees and will be on campus for spring ball in 2016.  The rest are only verbal commits, and have until February 2, 2016, before they can officially become Jayhawks.  Obviously, they can change their verbal commitments at any time up until that date.

A couple players already have:

Recent Decommits
Player POS State 247 Rank Rivals Other Offers
Jay Griffin WR TX 3* 2* UNM, NMSU, UCF, Utah
Marquis Smith ATH MI 3* 3* IU, ISU, Ball, EMU, Kent, Tol, WMU, CIN, SYR

And of course, there are plenty of targets out there that the Jayhawks are heavily pursuing.  As I mentioned earlier, Kansas has extended scholarship offers to 178 players in the 2016 class.  Here is a look at a few players who have KU high on their list:

2016 Key Offers
Player POS State 247 Rank Rivals Other Offers
Peytton Pickett RB TX 2* 2* UNM, SMU, UTEP
Jawon Hamilton RB FL 2* 3* UCF, UL, Miami, FAU, FIU, Tem, WKU
Camron Williams WR TX 3* 3* KSU, OU, OSU, SMU, TCU, TTU, Colo, Wisc
Bubba Ogbebor WR TX 3* 3* Boise, CSU, GSU, IU, Iowa, Nev, UNT, TTU
Christian Jegen WR KS 3* Northern Iowa, SDak
Amani Bledsoe DE KS 4* 4* BU, NCSU, OU, Oreg, MU, UCLA, NU, many more
Antione Webster S FL 3* 3* USF, MU, WVU, IU, Illini, SYR, FAU
Isaiah Simmons S KS 4* 3* ASU, Illini, UL, MU, NU, Iowa, ISU, KSU, Minn
Jaron Bryant S TX 2* 2* Fresno, Ark St, Haw, Illini, ULM, Nev, UNM
Lamar Anderson ATH MO 3* 3* BGSU, Buff, EMU, WMU, Ball

Also mentioned earlier, Kansas has already extended 50 offers to the class of 2017. One has already verbally committed to the Jayhawks:

2017 Commits
Player POS State 247 Rank Rivals Other Offers
Dominic Williams RB TX 3* 3* ASU

And here's a quick look at some of the more interesting names in the class of 2017 that have yet to verbally commit anywhere:

2017 Offers
Player POS State 247 Rank Rivals Other Offers
Avery Davis QB TX 4* 3* Irish, TTU, Colo, UH, Oreg St, SMU, Tul, USU
Eno Benjamin RB TX 4* 4* Iowa, ASU, Boise, BC, Colo, Duke, UH, NW, TTU
Jeff Thomas WR IL 5* 4* Bama, FSU, Mich, MSU, MU, NU, tOSU, SYR, A&M
Charleston Rambo WR TX 4* 4* ASU, Ark, BYU, Colo, UH, OU, SMU, TN, TTU, Wash
Camron Buckley WR TX 4* 3* TCU, UH, SMU, UT, TTU
KD Nixon WR TX 4* 3* Bay, tOSU, TCU, ASU, LOU, OSU, TN, TTU, Oreg, UT
Jaylon Jackson WR TX 4* 4* TTU, OSU, SMU
Chance McLeod TE TX 3* 3* Bay, LSU, TCU, UT, A&M, TTU
Tyrese Robinson OL TX 4* 4* OU, OSU, Ark, Aub, Bay, UH, Mich, Miss, UT, UCLA
Chester Graves DE MO 4* 4* Iowa, MU, Wisc
Tyjuan Garbutt DE VA 4* 4* PSU, Pitt, VT, WVU, UK, MSU, UNC, OU, Miss, UVA
Taquon Graham DE TX 4* 3* TCU, ASU, Cal, UGA, NU, UT, Tul
Kenneth Murray LB TX 3* 3* UH, ASU, ISU, NU, Nev, TCU, UT, WVU
Santino Marchiol LB CO 4* 4* tOSU, Wash, UF, FSU, Lou, NU, UNC, NW, Wisc
Levi Jones LB TX 4* 3* ECU
Djimon Colbert ATH MO 4* 3* Iowa, NU, MU, ISU, Minn

There are 34 other players out there in the class of 2017 that currently have an offer from Kansas.  They are all either verbally committed to another school or are rated three stars or less.