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Twas The Night Before RCTmas

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Note: this is one of my favorite things to write each year. Thanks to everyone who has read, commented, emailed, facebooked, bought shirts, etc. A special shoutout to the commenters. Even when you disagree with things I write or I disagree with things you say, I appreciate every last comment and I certainly wouldn't be still doing this without the engagement and thoughtful questions and criticisms you provide.

Twas the night before RCTmas, and all through the blog

Not a creature was stirring, not even the Phog.

The nets were all hung on their rims with care

In hopes that #FreeDiallo soon would be there.

The players were all nestled at their beds,

While visions of a final four danced in their heads.

And I in my jersey, and Mrs. Notkapowski in her cap

Had just settled in for a pre RCTmas nap.

When outside on Naismith there arose a clatter

I ran out to see what was the matter.

I peeked outside my window, opening my blinds

And looked outside, and what did I find?

It was a sleigh, pulled by eight reindeer

And out of nowhere did they appear.

And who do you think was on that sleigh, afloat?

Why no one other than Bill Self, wearing a giant red coat.

Those eight reindeer weren't reindeer at all

Instead they were hoops players, and boy were they tall.

Down from they sleigh they came,

With HCBS calling them by name:

"On Selden, on Mason, on Graham, on Perry!"

"This is my last chance to use this rhyme, so go be Merry!"

And so up onto Allen Fieldhouse they flew

With the sleigh full of our presents, and HCBS too.

Into the Fieldhouse they roared

And out of his pack, the presents poured.

He gathered them up, and unveiled them one by one

Ensuring our RCTmas would be tons of fun.

For Jayhawk nation, these three coins of old.

"Wait," said Self "three? those are fools gold!"

For Svi, the return of his shot.

For Mason, a rest. He needs one, a lot.

He gave Selden a buzz (that's an onomatopoeia).

And handed him a return ticket to Korea.

For the football team, he was astute.

He got Beaty a whole mess of Texas recruits.

He got something else for Beaty, who seems to be on the right path.

But this gift was needed: a book on fourth down math.

Not speaking a word, Self finished his work

And gave our stockings one final jerk.

He had one more piece of wisdom; you know him.

He looked at us and said "take it to the rim."

He sprang back to his sleigh and gave the team a shout

Who then told us "Peace, we're out."

We heard them exclaim, as they rose out of sight

Merry RCTmas to all, and to all a good night.