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UM comes to Allen Fieldhouse

So you wanna be a rap superstar and live large, a big house, 5 cars

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Kansas News

KU perfect against Big Sky |
The last time the Griz defeated a nationally ranked team was in the 2006 NCAA Tournament. UM defeated No. 20 Nevada, 87-79, to advance for the first time in school history. The last time Montana defeated a ranked opponent in the regular season was at Stanford in 2002. The Griz defeated the Cardinal, 70-68.

Former KU, NBA star Scot Pollard to compete on next season of 'Survivor' |
The season, set in Cambodia, will divide tribes by beauty, brains and brawn. Given Pollard's 6-foot-11-inch frame and athletic prowess, it's assumed he'll be competing on the brawn tribe.

Matt Tait: Kansas volleyball progress impressive |
The Friday morning banquet inside the CenturyLink Convention Center provided all the proof needed to illustrate that Kansas University volleyball coach Ray Bechard and his staff have begun to recruit the types of athletes needed to compete at the highest level.

Dunn, Grizzlies learning to deal with guard's absence | University of Montana Grizzlies |
A few weeks back, Mario Dunn spent a good portion of Montana's practice running up and down the sideline calling out defenses and screens, communicating with his teammates as they either prepared themselves to defend against, or to work through the Grizzlies' complex half-court offense.

University of Montana Athletics - Griz set to face No. 2 Jayhawks
The Montana Grizzlies' challenging nonconference schedule reaches its zenith on Saturday, Dec. 19 as the Griz (4-5) travel to one of college basketball's ancestral homes, Phog Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas, to take on the nation's No. 2 Kansas Jayhawks (8-1).

University of Montana Athletics - Into the Phog

"16,000 people will be there," DeCuire said smiling at practice on Thursday. "It's an incredible experience, and that's why I wanted to schedule that game. I've been there once before and wanted to go back, and I thought it would be a good experience to share with our team and the Grizzly family."

Pro Sports

WATCH: Tim Duncan intentionally fouls DeAndre Jordan with a hug -
The San Antonio Spurs were able to maintain their perfect 15-0 home record on Friday night by defeating the Los Angeles Clippers 115-107. The Clippers built some momentum in the fourth quarter and were poised to make a run but the Spurs slowed the game down by intentionally fouling DeAndre Jordan.

LOOK: Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant have dinner before Lakers-Thunder -
The Los Angeles Lakers take on the Thunder in Oklahoma City on Saturday. It will be the first time all season Kevin Durant faces off against his idol Kobe Bryant. However before the two battled against each other on the court, they met up for a nice dinner in Oklahoma City on Friday night.

WATCH: Bryce Harper shall now deadlift 500 pounds -
This offseason, we've already seen NL MVP Bryce Harper leap on top of something tall and perhaps structurally unsound in the service of becoming better at sports. Now, it appears that young Mr. Harper has positioned himself within the confines of a trap bar and thereupon deadlifted 500 pounds, also in the service of becoming better at sports. Here, witness for yourself his One Weird Trick ...

Other News

Aladdin poll: 30 percent of Republican primary voters would bomb Agrabah.
Apparently this is for real: PPP, which is known for asking cheeky/provocative questions in its polls, asked voters if they would support bombing Agrabah—the city* depicted in the animated Disney film Aladdin—during an otherwise straightforward survey, and some said yes.

Italy Plans To Fix Tall, Awkward Basketball Kid With Pasta
Robert Bobroczkyi is a 7-foot-6, 184-pound Romanian, and of course, he plays basketball. Bobroczkyi’s only 15 years old, however, so he’s being treated delicately as he stays at a hoops academy in Rome. Growing boys need their food, and since Bobroczkyi is a towering, growing boy, he needs even more food.

Bud Light's New Can Is Trying to Distract You From the Real Problem With Beer Today

Why? Because we’re in a golden moment when it comes to beer. Right now the country has a record-high number of independent breweries operating, providing Americans with an astoundingly diverse array of alcoholic beverage choices. No wonder big beers want to seem small.