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KU Volleyball readies for Final Four

You my friend are a social assassin

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Kansas Volleyball

Tom Keegan: Jayhawks form special bond at Final Four |
“Sometimes we get more excited for each other than we do for ourselves. That makes me feel good. We feed off of each other. When one person gets going, it kind of makes everyone else get going. That’s worked for us all year.”

Payne happy she wound up at KU |
“We were very aware of her,” Elliott said of KU sophomore Kelsie Payne, who, on Wednesday, was named a first-team All-American. “She came for a couple of visits, and we looked at her. She’s in our backyard. Sometimes, as recruiting goes at such an early age, you’re learning a lot about where they are emotionally as young ladies. We knew she had the talent to be extremely good. That was always our position. At the end of the day, I made a miss, and that’s not the first one I made a miss on. She’s a great player playing for a great coach at a great program, and it’s good to see her succeed.

Janae Hall wins Elite 90 Award at NCAA Volleyball Final Four |
Occasionally overlooked on the volleyball court because of the amount of star power surrounding her, Kansas University junior Janae Hall had the spotlight all to herself at the Elite 90 award banquet Wednesday night in Omaha, Nebraska.

Coaches connection: KU volleyball coach Ray Bechard, Nebraska coach John Cook longtime friends |
In 1998, Ray Bechard moved to Lawrence to become the head coach of the Kansas University volleyball program.

Fourth-seeded Nebraska sizes up semifinal match-up with Kansas volleyball |
They've got a couple of really nice athletes. Kelsie Payne was named First Team All-American today. Their center is their leader, an emotional leader. They're a very emotional team. She was named First Team All-American today as well. Right there shows you they've got talent.

Hey Ma, guess what? KU volleyball stars Havili, Payne earn All-America honors |
“Our staff found out on Monday that she was a first-team All-American,” Bechard recalled. “So we brought her in, told her. She was excited. She was excited for Kansas volleyball. Tuesday, I thought, 'Hey, I should call her mom.' So I call mom up, and I said, 'Hey, how's everything going? Ainise called you, right?' She said, 'No.' So here's a kid that's first-team All-American, humble enough that she didn't think she needed to call home and say, 'Hey, guess what happened to me?'

Other Kansas Sports

Three mid-year football transfers make KU commitments official |
Months of hard work and pavement pounding began paying off early Wednesday morning, when Kansas University football coach David Beaty announced the signing of a handful of mid-year junior college transfers.

Shopping cheers KU players |
Wearing holiday sweaters and Santa Claus hats, Kansas University’s 16 men’s basketball players paraded around the Iowa Street Wal-Mart on Wednesday night, purchasing Christmas gifts for Lawrence families in conjunction with the Salvation Army.

Other Sports News

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According to Texans owner Bob McNair, sending those two teams to Los Angeles is slowly starting to turn into the NFL's most likely relocation scenario.

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