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Countdown to National Signing Day: 46 Days and the ACC

National Signing Day Countdown: The ACC

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

National signing day for college football isn't far away (February 3, 2016). With 7 weeks until the big day I will be posting a variety of different articles. The common themes for all these articles will of course be recruiting, however, some articles will talk about specific news, prospects, conferences or a national recap in the recruiting world over the past week. This article will cover the ACC, the first of the power five conferences, based on alphabetical order. All rankings and notes will be taken from

The current conference rankings for the ACC is as follows:

1. Florida State

2. North Carolina

3. Clemson

4. Miami FL

5. Duke

6. Louisville

7. Virginia

8. Wake Forest

9. Pittsburgh

10. Virginia Tech

11. NC State

12. Boston College

13. Syracuse

14. Georgia Tech


  • Virginia leads all schools with 25 commits but the average star ranking of these players are a 2.6.
  • Florida State and Clemson are the only two schools in the conference with a 5 star commit.
  • Florida state leads the conference in 4 star commits with nine.
  • Clemson has an average star ranking of 3.64 which is slightly higher that Florida State at 3.54.
  • Clemson has the highest ranked prospect in DT Dexter Lawrence who is the No.2 DT in the country and No.2 prospect in the country.
  • DB Levonta Taylor headlines Florida State's recruiting class with a 5 star ranking and 10th overall prospect in the country.
  • Louisville leads all teams in the conference with 18 commits from 3 star prospects.
  • Georgia Tech has the least amount of overall recruits with 11, four of which are less than 3 star rankings.