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Know Your KU History: Angela Aycock

From basketball superstar to nun. How many people take that career path?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Angela Aycock is one of the best women’s basketball players in the history of the University of Kansas, but if you’re going to hear any stories about her greatness, you will have to hear them second hand. You see, Angela Aycock has taken a vow to lead a monastic life as a nun within the Russian Orthodox Church. She is now known as Sister Paula, and her vows to stay humble will never allow her to expound upon her many accomplishments on the hardwood. Not that you’d even be able to find her. At last check, she was living in religious seclusion in rugged western Canada.

The last time she traveled for anything relating to basketball was in February of 2003 when her jersey was raised to the rafters at Allen Fieldhouse. She didn’t even set foot on the court, instead she watched from the rafters in her traditional nun apparel. It was her former coach Marian Washington that demanded that she be there for the ceremony, and after negotiations, Sister Paula agreed to come if she could keep her humility in tact and not be a part of the celebration. Washington agreed and Sister Paula watched from afar as her number 12 was raised to the rafters with all the other KU greats.

Over the course of her four years at KU, Aycock put up some impressive numbers. She totaled 1,978 points over her career and was named the Big 8 Player of the Year in her junior season. But Aycock wasn’t done there. In the 1994-95 season, she had her best season as a Jayhawk. The Dallas native led the team in scoring with 23.1 points per game and 7.3 rebounds per contest. It was enough to earn Aycock a place on the All-American team.

Over her career at KU, Angela Aycock averaged 16.8 points and seven assists while shooting 45% from the floor. But what’s more impressive is where she stands on the all-time lists at Kansas. Here is where Aycock lands on the all-time lists at KU:

3rd in total points: 1,978

3rd in field goal attempts: 1,668

3rd in field goals made: 743

7th in rebounds: 827

9th in assists: 292

2nd in steals: 309

2nd in free throws made: 448

7th in minutes played: 3,577

Aycock went on to play professionally in the United States in the ABL and WNBA, along with a handful of teams in Europe and Asia. But now that her playing days are behind her and she has found a different role in life, here’s to hoping that Sister Paula has found her new role. It seems to be suiting her well.