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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes: 11.04.15

When we win championships, don't tear our city up - we shut it down.

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Congrats, y'all earned yourselves Royals pics for the rest of the week.

- Kansas Sports -

Jayhawks Ready for Road Test at Texas

Head Kansas football coach David Beaty met with the media Tuesday to talk about the team's second-to-last conference road test at Texas. The Jayhawks head to Austin, Texas, to face the 3-5 Longhorns, Saturday, Nov. 7. Kickoff is slated for 7 p.m., and can be seen on the Jayhawk Television Network and Longhorn Network.

Inspiration: Beaty points to Royals’ rise, KU’s future |

Comparing the Royals to the Jayhawks too heavily may draw laughs today. But there are similarities and Beaty is not afraid to point them out.

David Beaty alters KU football practices |

David Beaty has reshaped his practices because of his team's specific situation. KU now has two "Hawk Bowls" per week, intrasquad scrimmages that allow reserves the opportunities at more reps. Beaty has never been with a staff that has had two each week. "The reality is that we have to be great developers," Beaty said.

Five things Texas fans should know about Kansas, including Jayhawks' stagnant defense | Dallas Morning News

The Jayhawks give up an average of 247 yards on the ground, and 334.5 yards through the air. Kansas gives up over 47 percent of third down conversions to its opponents. Texas' struggling offense has an opportunity to bounce back from its shutout loss to Iowa State against the Jayhawks.

AUDIO - David Beaty talks Texas and the parallel between KU football and the Kansas City Royals (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews) |

KU football coach David Beaty talks about this weekend's game Texas and the parallel between KU football and the Kansas City Royals.

VIDEO - Clint Bowen: Preparing for Texas not easy, just different | KUsports Video |

Kansas defensive coordinator Clint Bowen says the Jayhawks will face a different challenge in stopping the Texas offense this week, following a string of more pass-driven, high-scoring attacks.

Jayhawks glad of outside competition |

"I would say we’re ready to get out there and compete," said KU senior forward Perry Ellis. "We’ve been practicing with each other a while now, plus the summer. We practiced then, also. I’m just ready to get back out there, excited to get back out there. We’re ready to play somebody."

Kansas won't play Cheick Diallo in preseason opener | FOX Sports

Diallo is allowed to practice with the team, but is still awaiting a ruling from the NCAA Eligibility Center. A native of Mali, Diallo attended Our Savior of New American in Centereach, New York. The school has been under NCAA review. Damon Wilson, a Pitt freshman and Diallo's teammate last year at OSNA, was cleared back in early September.

- College Sports -

Inside College Hoops: Online courses continue to lead to academic fraud -

The NCAA's case against SMU, just like its case against Pacific, is rooted in academic fraud allegedly committed via online courses. And there's no reason to believe more cases aren't on the way.

Swinney: If Clemson makes playoff, Death Valley to host free pizza party -

"The only poll that we're excited about is Dec. 6, and I promise you, we'll have the biggest poll party you've seen," he said. "We'll open up Death Valley and serve pizza to everybody. That'll be a time to celebrate a poll. Until then, it doesn't matter."

College Football Playoff Rankings: Clemson, LSU lead; Baylor overrated -

The biggest criticism of the committee this week though has to do with Baylor entering at No. 6. If strength of schedule means anything at all, that selection is indefensible.

Bottom 10 -- While dedicated to Miami fans, Georgia Bulldogs are far from top Dawgs

Miami fans just won't let some things go, even as the Bottom 10 has awarded the Coveted Number Five Spot to the Georgia Bulldogs.

The Bottom 25 -- Week 9: A new No. 1 team after a week of upsets -

Kansas is just stuck at No. 2 right now. I can't predict the future, but odds are that the only way the Jayhawks get back to No. 1 is if UCF wins a game and Kansas doesn't. I just don't think it can catch the Knights any other way.

- Pics of the Day -

LOOK: Royals World Series parade is so big it cripples traffic -

Pictures from above during the Royals World Series parade must be seen to be believed.

- Videos of the Day -

Talk to your kids about the SEC myth

Mr. Ed says: The rebuttal to the "talk to your kids about an undefeated Iowa" video

D.J. Augustin takes a step or five too many, no travel called (video) | ProBasketballTalk

The officials missed this D.J. Augustin travel, but at least they called Montrezl Harrell for goaltending. That counts for something, right?

WATCH: Jonny Gomes' speech highlights Royals World Series parade -

Mr. Ed says: If you don't like the Royals, then you don't like America.