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Big 12 Whiparound: Week 13

Let's see how each team's blog reacted to their team's game over the weekend.

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Texas Tech 48, @ Texas 45

A 17-10 game at halftime turned into a second half shootout, and a trick play that honestly shouldn't have worked gave Tech enough of a late edge to get the win in Austin on Thanksgiving.

Viva The Matadors was absolutely stoked:

Victory formation in Austin. That feels so awesome to type out. We beat TEXAS y'all!!!!!!! We'll see you for the bowl game!!!!!!

They also noted the following:

Last Time Tech won in Austin

Year was 1997

Bill Clinton was President

Texas also was 4-7 as they are right now.

English Patient was the hit movie

Spice Girls were a thing

Internet didn't rule our lives

"I believe I can Fly" by R Kelly came out

Michael Jordan was in his prime

Chris Farley passed away

OJ Simpson murder case was still being heard in Civil Court

You could go all the way into an airport and greet people as they came off the plane

DVD players cost $500

Seinfeld was the biggest show on television

Burnt Orange Nation didn't blame the refs this time.  They seem to be finally resigned to the fact that Texas just wasn't very good this year.

The seventh loss puts the Longhorns in need of a road win against the Baylor Bears coming up in order to even have an outside shot at bowl eligibility. With Warren emerging and the team showing more mental and physical toughness, there were some positives to take away from this game. The season is set to end in a few days, in all likelihood, and the offseason will be full of speculation and staff changes.

So while this was another flawed performance for a bad football team, it was one that the Longhorns can build on, even with all the frustration and disappointment of another close loss at home.

#7 Baylor 21, @ #19 TCU 28 (2OT)

Each team scored on their first drive, but then defenses took over, with no one scoring at all until the second half.

I think that Baylor fans have forgotten that their program used to be one of the worst in all of college football.  From Our Daily Bears:

This was the worst game of football I think I've ever seen. I don't have anything good to say about it.

32 straight combined drives without points.  More punts than complete passes, and by a lot. 5 turnovers, including a muffed punt and 3 fumbles.  A grand total of 326 offensive yards.

I wish I could find words to say about this game, but I can't.  Everything this team has worked for is gone in a quagmire of injuries, horrific weather conditions, and, honestly, extremely poor play-calling.  We can make all kinds of excuses, but they don't matter. We needed to win, and we lost.  We lost a lot.

Frogs O War, of course, was ecstatic with the win:

The Frog D made sure Coleman's name was hardly mentioned all night, keeping him to just 3 receptions for 5 yards the entire game.  Heisman Committee:  "Who's Coleman?"

This defense had a choice: grow up or give up.  They chose to grow up, and Seniors like Mike Tuaua and Derrick Kindred showed the youngest generation of Frogs how to keep fighting when the world seems to be against you.

#3 Oklahoma 58, @ #11 Oklahoma State 23

The Sooners rolled up a 30-point second quarter on their way to yet another dominant win in the Bedlam series.

Crimson and Cream Machine was glad to see OU step up:

Every once in a while Oklahoma State jumps up and demands that the Sooners treat them like a real rivalry. The 2015 season was one of those times and the result was disastrous for the Pokes as they were handed their second loss of the season. Oklahoma dominated the line of scrimmage, pounded them with the combo of Samaje Perine and Joe Mixon, and mixed in a barrage of big plays that were orchestrated by Baker Mayfield in winning their ninth Big 12 Championship under Bob Stoops.

Cowboys Ride For Free took a rather grown-up approach to this 2015 Cowboys season:

Thank goodness the team that looks ready for the playoff won this game, because the Cowboys aren't ready.

Just imagine this...last year was ASS, and we we're all jacked up because we got goofy lucky to win Bedlam and caught a Washington defense sleeping in the bowl game.

This season was a great ride (until it wasn't), double digit wins, a chance to win an outright Big 12 title in Bedlam, and it's going to suck balls because we completely imploded on both sides of the ball in the last two games in Boone Pickens Stadium.

Iowa State 6, @ West Virginia 30

Iowa State hung around with WVU for most of the game, but just couldn't get going offensively.

I'm not sure WRNL expected much - and that's exactly what they got.

In a game where most expected players to play inspired football it was instead nearly the exact opposite. Some guys clearly looked like they cared to be on the field and others were a step slow to start and a solid three steps slower by the time the game got out of hand.

Smoking Musket was proud of the defensive effort:

The mostly senior-led Mountaineer defense was lights out once again. KJ Dillon and Daryl Worley each picked off Iowa State QB Joel Lanning. Noble Nwachukwu was the unsung hero of the game, keeping constant pressure on the Iowa State quarterback throughout the game and disrupting everything the Cyclones tried to do.

Kansas State 45, @ Kansas 14

Ugh.  After the Jayhawks scored on their second drive, here is how RCT recapped the game:

An extra point by Wyman tied the game 7-7, and the stage was set for a war between the two in-state rivals.

Then Kansas State dominated the rest of the game and won 45-14.

Yep, that pretty much covers it.

Breaking news:  I've just been informed that the National Weather Service has issued a Smug Alert.  The areas affected are: all of Kansas, southern Nebraska, and western Missouri.  This time the culprit isn't George Clooney's Academy Awards speech.  From BOTC:

... it was glorious catharsis for a battered and exhausted Wildcat squad (and fanbase). The Wildcats raced to a 28-7 first quarter lead and never looked back.

It's comforting then to know that the Wildcats can always be counted on to win one game on the schedule every year. Kansas State's ownership of the Sunflower Showdown under Bill Snyder is so complete that the worst iteration of Wildcats football in a decade still managed to win the game in a blowout.

That's right, Kansas. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.