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RCT Rivalry Week Art Show

In honor of the Kansas/Kansas State game tomorrow, I thought I would share some some drawings I have been working on this football season. Each piece has gone through an extensive period of planning and is the product of several hours of blood, sweat and tears.

"Out for a Walk"

I created this piece several months ago using a Bic pen from the Hilton Garden Inn. The superiority of the Jayhawk is evident when contrasting the sizes of the 2 subjects. The theme I was going for was how KU owns the lowly Cats, as a human will own a cat.

"Racing for Pinks"

This is representative of the results of a race if KU was driving a sports car and Kstate was riding a razor scooter.

"KU and KSU Meet for a Drink"

Just a couple of brothers out for a drink.

"Portrait of a Urinator"

Are you surprised? They probably think a hot dog is a sandwich too.

"KU Goes to an Awesome Movie with a lot of Friends while KState goes to a Crappy Movie by Himself"

The title kind of says it all. That movie was awful.