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Games to Watch in Week 13 of College Football

Each Thursday, we get you prepared for your college football weekend and this weekend, it’s extended.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This extended weekend means an extended weekend in college football too, with rivalries to boot. Here are your games to watch this weekend.


Iowa at Nebraska

Iowa is ranked high and undefeated and yet still are only 1.5-point favorites to beat 5-6 Nebraska? This is what rivalry games are all about. Well, the Big Ten calls this a rivalry because these teams share a border, but whatever. Either way, I’m all in on the each Big 10 “title contender” gets two losses train, even if it means that Nebraska wins this one. Hey it could happen. See if part one of my brilliant scheme to unhinge the playoff happens at 2:30 PM CT on ABC.

Baylor at TCU

Remember when this game looked like it could decide the Big 12 again? Well, in a way, I guess it still could. TCU scared Oklahoma last week. Baylor lost to Oklahoma. Things can happen. But if Baylor can take care of business, we may just have another case of the “One True Champion” debacle of last season. Kickoff is slated for 6:30 PM CT on ESPN.


Ohio State at Michigan

All aboard the “All Big Ten teams can have two losses” train. Toot toot! Of course, Michigan State is going to have to lose to Penn State and then someone will have to beat Iowa again, but it could all happen. Potentially. Maybe. Anyway, Michigan would like nothing more than to add to its overachieving year by beating the hated Buckeyes. This is the early game on Saturday, so your true weekend is off to a fine start. Kickoff is at 11:00 AM CT on ABC.

Florida State at Florida

Intra-conference action the way it’s supposed to be. Florida has already wrapped up the pathetic SEC East, but a win against the hated Seminoles would be just the icing on the surprising cake that their 2015 season has been. Game time is 6:30 PM CT on ESPN.

Notre Dame at Stanford

A quick google search finds that Notre Dame is first in “Independents (FBS)” with a 10-1 record. That’s good right? It seems really good. Anyway, there’s a lot on the line for the Fighting Irish as they take on Stanford as they look to cement their spot in the playoffs. This game is being televised on FOX at 6:30 PM CT.

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Bedlam. The winner has one loss and is the outright champion of the Big 12 or shares it with Baylor. The loser goes to a second rate bowl. Either way, these squads will already know if there is going to be “One True Champion” or not because the Baylor/TCU game will have been over for almost 24 hours by the time this one kicks off. I have no idea what the committee or the computer metrics will have to say after this game, I just hope it’s a shootout. That’s how we deserve to end our college football feast weekend. Game time is 7:00 PM CT on ABC.