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KU Predictions: UCLA in Maui

KU has been in Hawaii for a couple days, but the first real test comes tonight. Our writers predict whether our Jayhawks will pass

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Maui is always so much fun, but the victories have a very small shelf life since another game happens about 24 hours later. What can we expect this time out?

David: From what I've read, UCLA will have a hard time staying in front of our guards. As long as they can finish with some consistency, and we don't go ice cold from three, I think Kansas scores a few too many for UCLA to keep up with. Kansas 73, UCLA 63

mikeville: Like I know anything about UCLA.  Didn’t they used to be good, like, a long time ago?  Talk about livin’ in the past.  I bet UCLA basketball fans are almost as bad as Nebraska football fans.  How’s that for insightful analysis? Kansas 75, UCLA 65.

KU Grad 08: UCLA’s size worries me. KU didn’t do well on the glass against MSU and like the Kentucky game last year, our guards kept flying into the lane with no plan (and often disastrous results) against the Spartans. Did we learn anything? I hope so, but I feel like this could be another early season head scratcher. UCLA 72, Kansas 70.

Fizzle406: I don’t know a lot about UCLA but after reading Fetch’s terrific preview I am worried. I don’t like tall teams and neither does this KU team. I predict there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth in the game thread tonight. I also see this one getting away from us late. UCLA 79, Kansas 74

NineToesBlogging: I am feeling pretty confident that this KU team is going to have a certain edge about themselves on defense tonight. Rock Chalk. Kansas 81, UCLA 68

dnoll5: I thought this would be a relative walk in the park (KU’s version of a walk in the park against a quality team being a 6-point win after leading by as many as 15) but after reading the preview on this site, I’m a little worried.  Then again, I think Bill Self had been prepping for UCLA this whole time. Kansas 77, UCLA 67.

misterbrain: It sure would have been nice to have Diallo for this game. Until he gets cleared, we are going to be a guard-heavy team that is going to rely heavily on the 3.  I get the feeling the Jayhawks stay hot. Kansas 86, UCLA 79