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K-Uniform Review: West Virginia

What did the Kansas football team wear in their game this past weekend? We examine the good, the bad, and the ugly in the game against West Virginia.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

After a week off from uniform analysis because of the first (and probably only) repeat all season, you knew KU would come out with a weirdo combination. And it seems like West Virginia always inspires KU to try something different.

Throughout the lead up to the game, KU Football was using the #SaluteToService hashtag, so I was preparing for some hideous camouflage or some other such “patriotic” gesture, but instead we got treated to the first major red elements in a uniform this season. Perhaps the addition of red with the regular blue elements makes this look patriotic, and if that’s the case, it’s fine by me.

Typically and repeatedly, I have mentioned my disdain for all things red, but I actually didn’t hate this look. I actually liked it quite a bit. Let me explain.

First off, Kansas wore their blue helmets with the red jersey. It’s a tried and true look that has been praised on this site before, and in all honestly, is one of my favorite all-time looks. Now, that could be that when they were sporting that look on a semi-regular basis, Kansas was winning. But still, it’s a solid look, especially when paired with grey pants.

Kansas now has two shades of grey to choose from as far as pants go, and they opted for the darker shade on Saturday. I have a no real beef with the dark grey, other than the light grey would look better, because I actually think they complement the red jersey better than they do any other jersey. They should keep the dark grey pants around strictly to pair with the other elements of this uniform combination.

That leaves us with the red jerseys. If you recall, these are the shirts that went with the “Crimson Chrome” monstrositylast year, but as a stand alone element, they look pretty good. The chrome elements have now been incorporated into almost every other element of the KU uniform set, so everything fits together pretty well. And really, the chrome elements on the number and the word “Jayhawks” looks really good with the grey pants. Way better than expected.

All in all, KU looked good. Yep, I’m amazed I’m saying it, but it’s true. Plus, when KU takes on K-State next time, it leaves us with the only logical option: Blue/Blue/White.